Routed from the hardiwork of Lord F Lugard, Nigeria has been under tribal and religious sentiments. At the inception of the country as an independent country, many of her leaders siphon her treasury leaving her an empty pox. What a tragedy!

The instigation of one Nigeria is somewhat a mirage. This is due to the fact that the leadership of the country is one-sided.
Zik served as a governor and only leader from South-East.
Since then, the leadership has been centred on the North and the West especially the North.
Thank God for Jonathan who broke the chain after the death of Yar’ Dua.

Following the xenophobic and stigmatized views among the tribes in Nigeria, there arose Oduduwa People Congress (OPC) in the West – Yoruba, AREWA Youths in the North – Hausa, Indigeneous People of Biafra (IPOB) and other groups.

One will wonder why those people arose. This can best be answered by the individual groups.

It is important that we acknowledge that we are one blood. We were united under one umbrella even till now.

It is wise the leadership of the country is zoned such that Hausa will lead with either Igbo or Yoruba as his Vice. After that, the Igbos should lead with either Yoruba or Hausa as Vice.
Likewise the Yoruba.
This will make Nigeria a Paradise for all and no more for some people.

If we must separate . . . I think this is not good idea . . . let us follow due processes.
The existence of Zambia, Ghana, Siera Leone did not prevent Nigeria from existing as a country.
If Biafra must be created as a sovereign state or country, it will not affect Nigeria as a different country so far due process is observed.

I was not there but I heard that some people suffered to create Nigeria as a country. What and how will you feel if after giving birth to a child and he turned against your product as his parent?
Remember the lines in the Nigeria’s National Anthem “. . . the labour of heroes past,
shall never be in vain . . .”

My people, we are one and one blood.
Let us see ourselves as one.

Wow! Let me share my dream:
I can see blood flooding our territory because of struggle for freedom.
I can hear voices from a far saying, ‘ let them be a country of their own if they insist’.
I can see a new country where the minority beg to belong to the old country with fine.
I can also see people killing themselves over what God blessed them with.
At last, I can see a country where many foreigners come to invest because of the surplus mineral deposits and good business atmosphere.

Long live Nigeria!
Long live the Igbos!
Long live the Yoruba!
Long live the Hausa!
Long live Africa! She is our continent.
We are people of one voice!

What is good to goose is good to the gander. make Nigeria all tribes’ country and see that the idea of division will be a thing of the past.
Let us do away with the idea that if Igbos are allowed to lead Nigeria, they will sign the creation of Biafra.
That is not true. No leader will like to have bad record.
Besides, the Senates and the Reps are there to pass the bill and enact it to law.
Other countries are there to question any declaration by any leader just as Trump of America was questioned when he banned the Islamic countries from entering the United States of America. No particular ethnic group or tribe owns Nigeria as his or her personal property or possession.

May God hear our prayers in Jesus name.


THE GIGOLO: A Heart-breaking Comedy

On one sunday afternoon, Solomon was coming down from sunday service.

Zounds! You must be enticed by this boy’s funny way.

In the bus he boarded, there was a charming girl who every men in the car lusted for: many passing their destinations while others masturbated.
Solo tried everything possible to woo the girl but she was less attentive to him.

In few hours later, Solomon remembered what to do.
Are you willing to know? Wait a moment.

You know quite alright that many men believe girls are greedy.
Meanwhile, they presume that they go by what they hear.
This accounts to many boys feigning affluence.

Welcome back!
Having traded with the insinuation that girls are greedy, Solo inserted hand into his pocket and faked call.

Here we go.

Solomon: Hello mum, have you seen what I told you? China airline is not trustworthy. They have cancelled my flight to United Kingdom.

As if that was not enough, my Jeep just broke down. I boarded a public bus.
Imagine the insult mum.

Mum please send a driver to come up and pick me up at the garage. Let him come with the Hummer you bought for me yesterday because I am afraid of another disappointment.

No. . . No. . . Mum I will be ok. Just relax, I have 50, 000 naira here with me: I will use it for my feeding.

Thank you mum. I love you too!
Bye! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

As he was calling, the girl was busy looking at him.
He paused and said, “why are you looking at me? Are you amazed by . . . . . . . .”

The girl snapped at him,
“take you battery you foolish boy. It fell from your phone when you were trying to remove it from your pocket”.

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Many exhaust a million time emulating others. It is the root of our epleptic way of living.

Something makes you unique. It is the uniqueness in you that makes you unique.

Venture into your desired activity. There are football players. If your mind tells you that you can perform well as a runner, run and see that you will excel.
How you started matters but what matters most is how you ended.

Yes. I think you are not there because someone else was there. Choose one thing special and make special thing from it.

For a start, is there a particular thing called ones destiny?
My dear, any thing you do with willingness and enthusiasm will become your destiny. If you continue with the odd job you do, there will be good results, people will say that it is your destiny.

I spent eleven years at home without being admitted to primary school.
In order to get admitted, i started weaving basket. My teacher saw my basket as the best. It was from it that i paid my hand work.
My friends advised me never to leave the work that it was my destiny.

At my secondary level, i started climbing trees. I made huge amount of money from it. I used it to write and made my WAEC.
I intensified the effort and graduated as an NCE holder.

Go to my place now and see people calling me destined climber.
Many are telling their children to emulate me. Many tried it and failed.

Remember that the same parents who told their children to emulate me were the same parents who abused their children using my name. They told their children that if they didn’t go to school, they would be like me who could only climb.

Meanwhile, i insist that your destiny is in your hand. Destiny is made and not inherited. Work hard and pray for God to assist you to excel.

As a teacher now, my students always tell me that teachers are born and not made. They said i was a destined teacher. They even told me never to leave the profession when i told them that i wanted to read Educational Management.

Your destiny is imbedded in your hands.
Choose one thing and do and wait for God to show you a better way.

Turn down the gossip that one cannot survive without help or charm. Those who say all these are lazy people. I found my fiancé when she was at secondary level of education, many told me to separate from her that her educational level was too low. Their aim was for me to marry who can help in my family. I told them that it is a lazy man that depends on a woman for family upliftment.
The same people are the ones congratulating me for having dated my heartthrob.

Both of us are excelling now. All they say now is that we are magicians. We combinely do what affluent men cannot do.

Your opinion and perception about yourself matters. Allow others to suggest for you and not to decide for you.
Just try and know what you want and pursue it. Pursue one thing at a time and not all at a time.

I remain Nwigboji Franklin Opefi.
Good luck!

CONCORD: Noun-Verb agreement

Many students define concord as agreement between the Noun and the Verb in a sentence.

Meanwhile, it is important to define concord in general.
In doing this, we should know that collocation is synonymous to concord.
Concord therefore is an agreement between words in an expression.

Sequel to the topic, we have to define concord base on Subject – Verb agreement.
Defining it therefore, concord is grammatic agreement between the Noun and the Verb: semantically, syntactically and otherwise.
The agreement is based on
1. Number
2. Idea and
3. Closeness.

There are three types of concord.
A. Grammatical concord
B. Proximity concord and
C. Notional concord.

This is an agreement between the noun and the verb in number.
That is,
1. If the noun is singular, the verb should be singular.
i. Emeka is intelligent.
ib. He is intelligent.
‘Emeka’ in the above sentence is a singular noun. While
‘Is’ is a singular verb.
iia. John eats rice.
iib. He eats rice.

2. If the noun is plural, the verb must be plural.
ia. Emeka and Uche are intelligent.
ib. They are intelligent
‘Emeka and Uche’ is a plural noun. While
‘are’ is a plural verb.
iia. John and paul eat rice.
iib. They eat rice.

N/B: A singular verb goes with ‘s’ genitive.
While a singular noun on the contrary goes without ‘s’ genitive.

This states that the verb should agree with the noun close to it.
That is,
1. If the noun close to the verb is singular, the verb should be singular.
i. Either the boys or the girl is at fault.
ii. Neither the students nor the teacher was invited.
2. If the noun close to the verb is plural, the verb should be plural.
i. Either the boy or the girls were here.
ii. Neither the chairmen nor the subjects were present.

This states that the verb agrees to the noun according to the idea the speaker has in mind in terms of number.
This occurs in collective nouns.
Examples of collective nouns are sheep, cattle, police, congregation, people, family, Deer, salmon, offspring, Grouse, Senegalese, Portuguese, barracks, series, species, fleet, means, Japanese, herd, mackerel, carp, cod, et cetera.
ia. The sheep was killed.
—Only one sheep.
ib. The sheep were killed.
—More than a sheep.
iia. The Police was informed on time.
—Only one police
iib. The Police were informed on time.
—More than a police


1. Two nouns joined by with, together with should go with singular verb.
i. The boy with his sister was here.
ii. Chima together with the boy was invited.

2. If a noun or phrase is appositiive to the subject; that is, if it refers to the same person, singular verb should be used.
i. Engr. Dave, the governor of Ebonyi state is the best governor.
NOTE: Engr. Dave is the same as the governor.
3. If the subject is joined with another subject by ‘and’ without ‘the’ attached to the second subject, singular verb should be used.
i. Mr. Nweke and Vice principal is kind.
ii. A student and fair boy was kidnapped.
4. If correlative adjectives like ‘neither . . . nor, either . . . or, as well as’ are used to pass information, the verb should agree with the noun close to it in terms of number.
i. Neither the man nor the boys were informed.
ii. Neither the boys nor the man was informed.
iii. Either the teachers or the student is at fault.
iv. Either the student or the teachers were at fault.
5. A sentence started with ‘the number of’ should go with a singular verb.
While the one with ‘a number of’ should attract plural verb.
i. The number of the victims has reduce.
ii. A number of the boys were arrested.
6. Plural-form nouns that are singular agrees with singular verb.
Such nouns are: Physics, Economics, News, Measles, Dollars.
i. The news is not a pleasing one.
ii. Five dollars is missing in my pocket.
iii. Measles is a disease for little children.
7. Collective nouns when referred to as a unit, singular verb should be used. But if it is as individuals in the group, plural verb should be used.
i. The crowd applauds when there is concerted effort.
—-As a unit—-
ii. The crowd applaud when there is concerted effort.
—-As individual—-


Love according to Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary is “a strong feeling of deep affection for somebody/something, especially a member of your family or a friend”.

The emergence of varieties of love gives it more phases: some call it charity while many call it affection.
Whatever name it is called, it is essential for personal-national development.

Nigerians see one another as aliens because we lack love. Tribal differences is visible because of love strike.

Nigerians, are we really created by God? God loves us and sent his only son to die for us (John 3:16). What a great love. Why can’t we love ourselves? Love is what we need for the nation’s unity to be intensified.

Considering love and tasks attached to it, love is not simple.
Meanwhile, it is not for simply ones.
If you think the contrary, “how long, you simple ones will you love simplicity?” ( Proverbs 1:22).
Love is a great task which demands much.
One is ought to love his neighbours (Leviticus 19:18) for our nation to excel.

The causes of our economic recession is built on selfishness.
Selfishness is a cankerworm eating up our society.
“He that loves pleasure shall be a poor man: He that loves wine and oil shall not be rich” (Proverbs 21:17).
“Our leaders should know that when goods increase, they are increased that eat them” (Ecclesiastes 5:11).
“Also,he that loves silver shall not be satisfied with silver; nor he that loves abundance with increase because it is also vanity” (Ecclesiastes 5:10).

It is not rare to hear our leaders feigning patriotism and generosity. They forget that “open rebuke is better than secret love” (Proverbs 27:5).
Wow, “how long will you sons of men love vanity and seek leasing?” (Psalm 4:2).

In short, I am wearied of this nation saga. Sequel to this, my leaders should be out of this.
Job was good yet his inward friends abhorred him and those who loved him turned against him (Job 19:19).

As patriotic Nigerians, let us be subject to our leaders and obtain favour from them.
Esther was made a queen because she distinguished herself from other virgins (Esther 2:17).
Let us love one another for it is a powerful antidote.

Sometimes, one may decide to love but turned down.
To be frank with you, I hate wasting love. I withdraw my love when it is toyed with because my love is real.
It is easy to say, “I love you” but is it real? Love is best felt than spoken. A lover finds difficulties in expressing it.

(1 Corinthians 13:4-8)

1. It suffers long.
2. It is kind.
3. It is not selfish.
4. It is not easily provoked.
5. It does not think evil.
6. It endures.
7. It does not fail.
8. It is tolerative.
With regard to this therefore, “if I feed the poor without love,it is nothing” (1 Corinthians 13:3).

There are many things people should love but wisdom must be first. This is because, “whoso loves wisdom makes his father happy: but he that keeps company with harlots spends his substance” (proverbs 29:3). One should be careful of who to love and how to love.

Love is really a bond. “I sleep, but my heart wakes: It is the voice of my beloved that knocks, saying, open to me, my dove, my love,my undefiled” (Songs of Solomon 5: 2).
This was done by God. “He brought me to the banqueting house, and his banner over me was love” (Songs of Solomon 2:4).

Prior to this, I charge you oh daughters and sons of Jerusalem, if you find my beloved, that you tell her that I am sick of love (Songs of Solomon 8: 8).
Let her kiss me with the kisses of her mouth: for her love is better than wine (Songs of Solomon 1:2).

Please read this letter to her,

Dear my God-taken-rib,
How are you? I kept watch over the night to secure my love for you.

Darling, you may think I was mad but your virtues kept vibrating in my memory. I closed my eyes but saw darkness illuminated by your image.
I even saw a better side of you in my dream.

The Apple of my eyes, my memory is clouded by your physical aesthetics. I will rather murder than losing you and Nigeria.

My domestic Angel, I promise to walk with you to the altar in due time. Beautiful and fair are your attributes oh a supposed angel in God’s kingdom. God is right to have made you a charming charm. Your parents shall be mine. Those who despised you shall ask forgiveness for them to dine with us on the table of love.
I love you my Godspromise Precious Uka.

Your love and host,


It is not child’s squick when it comes to the present condition of Nigerians.
A hand shake is even jealously guided to prevent inflation and dearth of strength.

Promises were made, “I will calm Boko Haram in a month, I will increase the workers’ salary, I will revitalize the refineries, NYSC members shall be well paid, I shall build roads, call back Nigerians in diaspora to meet the aborigines, school fees shall be cut for the reach of the poor, all graduates shall be employed, I will wipe your tears, etc.” All these and many more are the promises of elected candidates.

I personally shook the then gubernatorial aspirant and drank with my senatorial aspirant.
As soon as they won the election, their phones hardly go. What a pity!

Who then should be blamed? Of course we are. Our interests were bought with cups of rice, maggi cubes, sacks of salt, etc. What do we expect? The distributor spent his money and has to recover it to our detriment.

Also, we refused to vote for visionary leaders because they were not in our party.

For Nigeria to excel, the descendants must learn to vote personality and not party. If an aspirant who you think he can lead you safely is in APC while you are in PDP, vote for him. This is because a day food can’t satisfy you for ever.
We ate rice during campaign; what is happening now?

When our immediate past leaders were there, there were strikes because they listened but what is happening?

Consequently, we should value what we have. This is because a bird at hand is more than million birds it the bush. We believe that if our brother should get to power, he will be boasting. What is wrong with it? What foolish people.

To be frank with you, if I had wings and a place to fly to, I would have done so long ago.
Willing to bombard me with questions? Who told you that youths are the leaders of tomorrow?
Since my vote does not count, what is its need?
Perhaps, you mean I should fight for the good of my country; what are our representatives and senators voted for? What are they doing there?
My people, it is right time we wake from sleep.

How many times have you heard your senators speak during plenaries? They are “oh yes” members. They are after their monthly pay and not us.
Were they not there when bills were passed? Were they not among the “ye” members?
You may be good at asking questions. Do mean they are the minority? Is there any thing wrong if they can ere their views? Were they ignorant of their minority status when they were promising heaven and earth?

Sequal to the above, corruption is not on the side of the leaders only but also on those they lead.

Ironically, Buhari is fighting corruption when he is promoting it.
How do you expect me to shun corruption when I have nothing to eat.
Consider the lecturers. In Ebonyi state for instance, a senior lecturer is paid fifty thousand naira(#50,000) when a litre of paraffin(kerosene) is two hundred and fifty naira (#250), a litre of premium motor spirit(fuel) is one hundred and fifty naira (#150), a bushel of rice at nine thousand naira(9,000), a car tyre at fifty thousand naira(#50,000), etc. He also pays tax. Why won’t he collect money from students and embezzle the money generated for the state in order to feed his family and himself?
The police is not exceptional. They have stopped checking luggage but in serious need of fifty and hundred naira(#50 and #100) in order to source money and feed their families.

Get me well, I did not say that our leaders are not trying. I depends on the side they are trying.
Let us endure after all they promised to wipe our tears when we were not crying. This means that they will make us to cry.
Change was also promised. We should not complain because change could be positive or negative.
No matter the change, change remains change.

May God help Nigeria in Jesus name.



Uchenna is a wretched boy from a never-rich family.
This made people including the girls to avoid him.
He toiled and bought a motorcycle on second hand. He cherished it since it was his first achievement after repeated rejections from girls.

As universally known, success has many relatives.
All lost hope began seasonal submission and encroached to crave for Uche’s indulgence.

Two minutes later from when Uche left the purchasing depot, Nkiru beckoned on him demanding his pleasantries.
She called, “Ushe!” . . . her accent does not allow her to pronounce Uche. “please slow down”. Uche responded, “what for?” she replied, “just slow down!” Uche toed down to reduce the speed of his body mass. He told Nkiru, “just tell me that you love me”. Nkiru said, “yes, I love you. Could you please wait for me”. Uche stopped and conveyed her.

When she got on the bike, Uche said, “if you love me, put on my helmet”.
Nkiru responded, “since I love you, there is no crime”. She collected Uche’s helmet and wore it.

Few minutes later, news was heard that two persons: male and female were involved in ghastly motorcycle accident. It was also gathered that it was as a result of brake failure.

When the two casualties were taken to a hospital, it was only the guy that lost his life while the girl was safe because she put helmet on her head.

Uche knew quite alright that the bike was suffering brake failure that was why he gave the helmet to Nkiru to prevent her from dying.

When Nkiru was resuscitated some minutes later, she asked Uche’s whereabouts.
She was told that his corpse had been deposited to the mortuary.

Before Uchenna died, he kept twenty thousand naira into his pocket.

As soon as Nkiru got the news of Uche’s death, she rushed to his pocket and took the entire money and zoomed off.
She never asked about Uche until he was buried.

1. If you were Uche, what would you had done?

2. How do you see Uche’s action?

3. Is Nkiru justifiable in her action?


Life is not always as your thought. You may aim here while it aims elsewhere. There are purposes of everything: some are heads, few are tails while many are positionless.

According to a poet, George Herbert, God intentionally Posits pulleies on our ways. They are riches and weariness. Either can draw us close to him.
God has purpose for all he does. That you are rich today does not mean you will remain rich forever. The same is applied to poverty.
As we used to say, “no condition is permanent” this can be when we are not permanent in our lackadaisicality. For condition to be temporal, you have to burn your candles. Work as if the world is getting to an end.

On his view, Professor Chinua Achebe said that the sun shines on those standing before it will shine on squating ones. Though many may be successful, some will succeed before others because they are proactive.

Padding it up, William Shakespeare said that not all that glitter is gold. You may haul to have achieved much only to land at nothing. Not all who brag is rich: A richman does not show up. Never allow yourself to be intimidated by empty cans. They are poised by emptiness.


Every thing that happens on the earth has reasons. No wonder Eccl 3 says that there is time for every thing. Little can we help to change naturality of the happenings.

Without any poise for doubt, it is evident that men are not the same: some are heads, some are in between head and leg; that is, in the middle, while many are the tails or legs. If you ask me why, who will I ask? If every body must be landlords, who will be tenants? You are complaining because you are not on the apex. Did I hear you say, “why me instead of another person?” That is life for you. Let’s assume you are regretting being a wretch . . . so to say, instead of diving into affluence, who else do you think deserves it? If answer is, “no! But . . .” manage your condition and be the best of who you are.

Meanwhile, naturality and originality are the basis of personality complex. You cannot be yourself and me. So can’t you be yourself and another person. Should you be in the third class of influencial hierarchy, try to achieve popularity from it and see those in the first and second classes longing to be like you. The more you commonize your career, the worst it becomes.
Michael was breeded in a wretched family in Ụmụmba where he left for an urban city, Lagos. He never went with his sizes but hung his bags where his dwarfed hands were unable to fetch them. He went about telling people about his fallacious uncompleted six storeys project. Those who would have helped him to feed mistook him for an affluent guy. He spent fifteen years in Lagos and came empty-handed.

Nkemji is Michael’s younger brother. He boarded to Calabar where he was a wheelbarrow hauler. He wore trousers and shirt but washed them always. Everybody knew he was an orphan.

As nature has it, Nkemji carried a luggage for a man who saw his tattered nature and asked if he was an orphan which he affirmed to. He gave him complimentary card inviting him to his compound.
Getting there, Nkemji was made a manager of steel and iron construction company.

Prior to this, it is better to be the best of who you are.
There is dignity in all labour. Take any menia job and lay down your heart to make it the best.
Shoe making is a lucrative job if embarked by a determined huzzler.

Dream is our problem on earth. That is why many are deceived by prophecies all because they have been having dreams of the prophecied insinuations.
My dear, if you have no bicycle and dream of driving Jeep, it is malaria dream . . . In short, you are suffering cronic typhoid malaria. In this kind of dream, opposite is always the case or it never came to pass at all.
God forbid but whosoever dreams this kind of dream hardly survive hardships of the world.

Foreshow illusion and confront realism. Think your present and little of your future without the past.
Sometimes, the past has great influence to the present and the future. This was because it is the seeds you sowed years past that you are reaping today and will definitely be reaped in future.

Why not use now that your blood is fresh and be a man and stop imagining. Imagination is a friend to hard workers.

For you to come through the epileptic perspectives of the cosmos, ignore nose pokers. If you yearn for their gossips, you will summatively and absolutely visualizing your popular self transcending in coco-filed ingenuity which would end up abrogating your personality criterion via high self esteem dysfunctioning which could finalize catapulting you to successful phobia.

Robbery is a career based on your covenant with God. Are you anxious to know why I inferred God in this? Relax! We believe that evil things are from the devil. Does it mean God cannot create bad thing for purposes? Think of lions and snakes. What good are they to us?
My guy be yourself and stop being indoctrinated.

As I was saying, if you are a robber, rob boldly for God must have purpose for creating you as that. Even from the beginning, there have been spies. They were thieves as well.
Be the best of who you are and stop feigning saintism.

Spare me crucifixion. I did not say you should not try your hands on other things but that it should not be jealously and envious motivated.
The point is that you should maintain originality and not doing because others did.
If you must ignore my advice, be tactic with your success. Turn my advice and I down and let me see a personally debased homo sapien.

I remain yours faithfully, Ezeozuruonye Nwigboji Franklin Opefi.
Always value whatever you do for God has purpose for all the happenings.
I love your undeveloped guts.
Au revoir!


No up is the highest. The place you are is always common to you while where you are not breeds hopes of ends’ meat.

Have you for once asked yourself why agama lizard tour seasonal migration? It is ridiculous to know that what causes it is vivacious eager for butterfly peg. All days surface with new era of hope all to no avail.
Hope is sine qua non to faith. Without faith, one can hardly achieve anything in life. The same is applied to hope.

A christian without hope is like an autobike without engine.
Hope is a driving force that tosses and catapults you to whom you anticipate to be.

Perseverance is hope’s relative. Whatever you are doing, persist on it with hope and see that you shall attain the peak of your desire. Never think that there is better and leave where you are. Even if you cannot persevere, make the unattained circumstance as your second career and not your doorway.

To be frank with you, what leads to failure is not failure itself but fate. Your fate deteriates in vacuum of hope.
What kills HIV/AIDS’ patient is not the virus but scarcity of hope. A hopeful patient can revitalize her immune system with drugs for sustainable living. But who is hopeless could conclude that all hope is dashed out: as such, no way to Damascus.

Life is precious. In any condition you find yourself, confide in God with the hope that all shall be well.
Thank you for making the best of who you are.