Azu Ikechukwu is a graduate from the prestigious Ebonyi State College of education, Ikwo. He is a young author, playwright and poet from eastern Nigeria.

I am not the Magi
Who only Know the stars.
Though I’ve not been to the sky
But I know the dichotomy in the Earth and Mars.
I’ve lived before Methuselah,
I surpass the Seven Wonders of Time.
I formed the crown of ancient Minerva
And gave Hammurabi the Law in his prime.
I am the moon;
I shine to steal away your darkness.
I see your soul languishing in endless doom,
So,I want to stand on your head with my brightness.
I am the full moon,
The moon for the carnival.
I shall tell you that December comes very soon
And I remain the only hope for Sallah.
I am the calendar;
I shine to tell days and months.
The tribesmen call me their Messaiah
For I light the carnival for the Monoliths.
Make me your Leader or Radiance.
I shall spread your tentacles across the Antartica;
I shall cause the yam’s yield ahead of the festival;
So,that it will never be a carnival of conscience.


I KILLED PAPA by Rita Ogochukwu

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Papa was the village chief; people loved him for he was an upright man who didn’t support evil.

One morning, I went to papa’s room to bring him his kola and gin for his usual morning ritual, but papa was sitting up on his wooden bed vomiting blood. A shrill cry escaped my throat. Mama came rushing to papa’s mud hut, with Sochima firmly tied to her back with her old wrapper . . . Maybe mama forgot she was supposed to bend over in the little opening covered with a raffia mat that serves as the door. Mama hit her forehead on the wooden lintel and prostrated on the floor which forced Sochima to cry.

I rushed to where mama was lying, rescued little Sochi from her back and rushed out to ask for help from the neighbours.
“Papa Emenike!” I bellowed. Papa Emenike emerged from his hut rubbing his pot belly. I told him what happened amidst tears.
He rushed to his barn, fetched his wheelbarrow and hauled towards my house. Mama’s forehead was still bleeding when we got to the house. Papa Emenike carried my father and placed him on the barrow and wheeled him away. Mama followed him struggling with her wrapper that was falling. She grabbed it, tied it to her waist leaving her breast bare and both hands on her head. “Stay and look after Sochima” she yelled when I was about following them.

Mama came back later in the day with a bandaged face. She went inside her hut without speaking to me. I followed her. She drew out a wooden box from under the bed, picked the old clothes from the table and neatly folded them into the box, took Sochima from me and made for the door. “What happened to Papa?” I inquired. “Your Papa’s heart has failed. He had heart failure and the doctor said I should bring . . . (she started counting her fingers) four million naira, so he would be transferred to their hospital in the city where he would get a heart transplant or he will die.. . Where will I get such huge amount of money from?” she rhetorically asked, wiping tears from her eyes with the hem of her wrapper. “So, I am leaving with Sochi, you are your father’s favourite, take care of him till he dies.” She left not listening to my pleas and cry. “Take care of your Papa” she said again and left.

After visiting papa at the hospital and the doctor telling me I had to source for the money as soon as possible, because Papa’s heart was getting weaker each day. I decided to visit papa Ebuka to ask him for help, he told me he could have helped but the little money he had was for paying Ebuka’s school fees.
As I was about leaving, he called me back and gave Me a hundred naira note. I thanked him and left hurriedly so he wouldn’t see the tears that was already trickling down my cheeks.
Life has been very hard for me: I barely ate one square meal a day, and the thought of my father gave me the heebie-jeebies. I had to beg for food to send to him in the hospital and mama was nowhere to be found.

One day I went to a cobbler’s shop to ask him for help, Amaka my friend told me he had lots of money. “If you sleep with me, I will give you plenty money” the cobbler replied after divulging all my predicaments to him.
The cobbler’s words kept replaying in my memory when I got home. The next day I went back to his shop.
when he saw me coming, he grinned and rubbed his sweaty palms together. He locked his shop behind me and grabbed me. He kissed me while he undressed me, I felt like I was swimming in an ocean of saliva. “Is this the kiss Amaka talks so much about, she is crazy for saying she enjoys it whenever Obi her boyfriend kisses her. It’s so disgusting”, I thought. The cobbler jerked and smiled after I felt sticky liquids pour inside me. “you are very sweet” he said while grinning. His grin revealed his teeth that were almost brown from chewing tobacco. I Almost vomited.
“Give me the plenty money I want to go”, I said.
After standing for ages watching him fiddle with his wallet. He pulled out a five hundred naira note and grinned again. My eyes were clouded with tears. “But this is not plenty money”, I cried. He shooed me out of his shop while asking me what a fourteen year old would do with five hundred naira. I cried to the hospital and when I got to the doctor’s office I gave him the money and ask him to minus.
After staring at me for long he broke out in laughter and asked if I thought he graduated as a doctor to act comedy.
I went to papa’s ward to see him, but he didn’t move when I touched him. I screamed the doctors name and he came rushing to where papa was lying motionless.

“Ay! Kiddo why are you disturbing the patients?” The doctor asked. I pointed to where papa was lying not uttering any word. He is just in a deep sleep. see? . . . (He placed the earpiece of the stethoscope on my ear and placed the diaphragm on papa’s chest) can you hear the heart beat?” he asked. I nodded and smiled. “Don’t create a scene again.” He murmured on his way out.

The cobbler introduced me to his friend. He gave me a five hundred naira note after sleeping with me. “Come again tomorrow.” He bellowed behind me. I quickened my steps not to hear his laughter.
The money they usually give me couldn’t pay for Papa’s surgery even if I saved it for ten years but it could feed me and Papa, so I chose to sleep with them. “I sleep with both of them everyday. I get one thousand naira; cool business”. I thought smiling. This continued for weeks.

After cooking breakfast for Papa, I scooped the food into a plastic bowel ready to go to the hospital. I opened the fancy wooden box papa bought for me when I came first in school and counted the money I saved up. Thirty thousand naira! My eyes widened. I folded it and carefully tied it in Mama’s old wrapper and made for the hospital.
I gave the doctor the money when I got to the hospital. He took the money from me. “Nice try but at this rate, I am going to get old before you finish the payment” he remarked. I sighed and left for papa’s ward. I was watching him eat when I felt a nausea feeling, and next thing I started vomiting, I was shocked because I couldn’t tell what’s happening to me. Papa asked if I was alright but before I could nod, another vomit found it’s way out.

“Ada, don’t tell me you are pregnant, No! Just don’t tell me you are pregnant”. Papa bellowed. I looked down, not knowing what to say. Papa asked again, standing up from the hospital bed this time. “are you going to tell me who is responsible, or should I kill you first?” he asked again, anger boldly written on his face. Since Two days ago I have been feeling so weak and feverish, I vomited most of the times, and my appetite went extinct at the sight of food. I asked Amaka and she told me it was early sign of pregnancy but I should go for a lab checkup to be sure.

I had a pregnancy test done in the morning which the result will be ready by evening but papa just confirmed my fears and concluded I was really pregnant.
His slap jolted me back to reality. “I said, who is responsible?” Pa….pa, it’s Eze the cobbler and his friend. I have been sleeping with them for weeks now so I can save up for your surgery . . .” I couldn’t finish what I was saying before papa fell heavily on the floor grasping his chest and vomiting blood. My scream attracted the nurse who rushed in almost immediately. “I think he has cardiac arrest, I need to call the doctor, he just left now” she said with a pleading eyes.

Before the doctor came, papa was already lying lifeless, the doctor checked his pulse and heaved a sigh. “sorry but we lost him”, he said. He told the nurse on duty to prepare him for the mortuary and left.
At first I didn’t know what to do, I thought of taking my own life but on a second thought, I decided to go bring my lab result.
The nurse handed it over to me, and I read it through. This time I fell on the floor and resumed crying again. I was not pregnant but had malaria and typhoid. “It’s true I slept with the cobbler and his friend who were old enough to be my father but at least papa, I am not pregnant please wake up” I cried. But the deed had been done, papa was dead and couldn’t wake up unless by miracle.
I killed papa while trying to save him.

MY TEACHER IS RESPONSIBLE [Episode 03]: a short story

I wonder what the world is getting into. Why does it happen that when your sweat lifted someone up, you would be his worse enemy?








My younger brother, Brutus turned to what I was not expecting from him. Ten years later after when I was sold to Otenkwu as my quasihusband, my brother got employed as an engineer in my state ministry of power. It is a befitting job all are eager for. His project was to see that I was humiliated by Otenkwu. Oh! It’s a sorry story to behold.







I can not really blame Otenkwu for prejudicing me. It was my parents’ fault.
Five years after when I got married to Otenkwu, every thing about me were problems to him: he started by saying I was unable to satisfy him in bed.








Jesus! He’s the sex machine I have ever seen. How could a man demand ten rounds of sex a night? It did not end there. It was always a rough one with what he called styles. I regretted ever getting married to him. Women who have had the experience of rough sex can attest to it. I learnt the lessons of life. I never knew men were so sexually active.

Otenkwu’s high sex demand welcomed another problem to my problems. When we got married at first, I endured his high libido for sex until I could no more bear it. I negotiated six rounds per night but he paid deaf ears to my request.







My attempt to let him know I was human being led to beatings and divorce. He realized he did not woo me but was forced on him because my parents were tired of me. The divorce led me to various places for survival.









Thank God for my son, who God blessed. Eighteen years after when Mr. Toje claimed him, he came to me at Nkpor where I served as a sales girl. We worked together and got some money from which God blessed us with.
The God of an orphan has peculia way of favouring him. My son’s experience reminded me Chinua Achebe’s words: “Those whose palm kernel was cracked to them by benevolent spirit should not laugh at those whose Chi is asleep”.

When my son was returning from work one day, he met one Dr. Donald Smith, an American who called him to inquire his way from him.






My son is really blessed by God. Sometimes, I wonder whether I am his mother. His communication skill is contrary to mine. He speaks eloquently and fluently.
When Dr. Smith called him, his command of English language made him ask his level of education. My son told him he had finished his O’ level. He asked why he did not continue. My son who was then a man told him he was thinking of it. He gave a complimentary card to my son as an invitation to his house. I was moved when he returned and told me he met a white man. I counted my family lucky because I had never thought I would give birth to a son who could impress a white man in his language.

When my son visited Dr. Smith, he sent him back to go and call any of his parents. I breathed the last breath of my life because I thought my enemies were out again for me.
I courageously went to him for I knew my life worthed nothing. I was a moving corpse.

When I got in contact with Dr. Smith, he said, “yah ma’am, how are you? Are you the mother of this guy?” I responded, ‘yes sir’. “I wanna sort things with you. I wanna train up your son to take over my company in Nigeria that was why I sent him to invite you for approval”, he said. My heart was full of joy. I gave him go ahead order. I wonder what he was expecting me to say. Could he be thinking I was going to object it.

It is foolish to rate your tomorrow using yesterday. The sale of NEPA by the federal government of Nigeria left Brutus, my younger brother jobless. The buyer changed the name to PHCN and employed different employees without my brother being enlisted.







He had no other place to go but to come and live with me. I found it difficult to forgive him but my bible was my weakness. The more I remembered how he told Otenkwu to be beating me that I lacked home training was the more I was tempted not to forgive him. He had one day told me that it was because of my stupidity that made my parents not to sponsor me to school. He added that if not because he accepted to be trained, my mysterious birth would have caused my parents great harm.

The emergence of MASSOB and IPOD forced Dr smith to leave Nigeria for Chicago. He handed his company over to my son. Before he left for his country, Dr. Smith left with six workers who were his relations. He told my son to recruit and fill the vacancies. Among the applicants is my son. He is a dubious man. I am afraid he may harm my son if he is employed to work with my son. He may plan against him. It is my worry now.

When I was still suffering under men, the song I liked most was the one that says ‘my tomorrow must be greater than today’. It has actually happened in my life.

Mr. Toje who is now an old man comes to me for help. His children abandoned him alone with his only one survived old wife. There is joy in motherhood.

My first daughter, Ruth is a prestigious graduate of accountancy. She is the only wife of the general manager of the most popular bank in my state. She is a charted accountant with many ministries.








My second daughter, Kate is a philosophical doctor of international relations. She wedded the brother of Dr. Smith. Destiny will be delayed but cannot be denied. Mr. Toje and Otenkwu are now begging me to marry them.

1. Should I accept any of them?
2. Should my son employ my brother and his uncle, Brutus?
3. How do you feel about Otenkwu?








The new face of my problem raised its ugly face after when I gave birth to Chukwuma.
He is the little boy who was supposed to be called mr. Toje’s son.

I like my culture. If any man impregnates a lady without paying her bride price, he is not entitled to claim the child until he pays it.
Since mr. Toje just impregnated me without any price, he is automatically my illegitimate husband who would only be known by my parents and I. My extended family see him as a mere visitor.
Even if he likes, let him sponsor me to a university, he must pay what others pay. He must pay education few as others.






As it stands, no one would like to suffer but all will like to enjoy. A year after when I gave birth to Chukwuma, mr. Toje saw me in the examination hall in Supreme College, Ndiechi and approached me. I felt the same way I did when we slep in his house but then, my body had got mature enough to ignore sexy men. I controlled myself and asked, ‘sir, do you know me? What do you want?’ He told me that he would meet me during evening lesson.

When he came to the lesson venue, he pretended to be reading some passages for me.







He started, “my dear, I am sorry for what I made you go through. I did all those things to spare my personality. Imagine what that would have caused if not that I was wise enough to spare myself the insult”. I wanted to pity him but something greater than his compassionate talks struck my mind. ‘could it be he spared his personality to my detriment?’ was the question in my mind. I gathered courage and asked, ‘sir what exactly do you want? Do you want me or my child? Do you want both of us?’ He talked to me like a man. At this time, he roared like a wounded lion. “young lady, what are you up to? Do I look like father christmas? This is your third child, are you expecting me to adopt all of them? God forbid. I am only talking of my child just because he is a boy. If not, what business do I have with you? Did I meet you for other two girls? They are for you alone. I only want the boy, gbagam”.

Though he humitated me, I still respected him. I wanted to insult him but remembered that he was my good teacher. I summoned courage as a mother I was and asked him if he still possessed his good thinking faculty. He snapped a word at me, “young girl, I will come to your people next week to pay as tradition demands on the head of my son. If you like, accept or not, I must claim my lovely son”.
Immediately he finished his utterance, he vanished to nowhere.









A week later, I heard a whispering voices of two men. I was sleeping in my room when I heard the noise. It was the voice of my father and another man whose voice was too difficult to my understanding. I had no other option than peeping through my door.
Surprisingly, when I peeped through the door, it was my father and mr. Toje speaking in low voices. I knew they were talking about me when they mentioned “she”. My heart started panting but it was calmed by the wailing sound of my crying baby. I left the door for my child.

Two days later, all the elders in our extended family gathered with mr. Toje in their midst. They called my attention through my mum .  .  . If they had not used my mother to attract me, I would have ignored them.
I honoured their call because I respected my mother so much.
When I got there, my father was the first person to talk, “my daughter, every joy of a parent is to enjoy the fruit of his labour. Five years ago, you weaned two fatherless girls without hopeful claimers. This third child seems to be blessing to us.
This young man came to us to claim Chukwuma, your child. He has paid all the necessary payments for him. You have to hand him over to him for his wife to train up since she does not have any male child”.







The next person to speak was uncle Jude, “my dear, since you left your teacher’s home, this child has been with us as if we are his parents. Now that the father is here, leave the child for him and continue your education; we are up for you. We shall use the money to support your .  .  .”  When he wanted to give me hope, he was interrupted by Elder Ochie.
He is an evil man who does not welcome the progress of my family.
He started, “my daughter do not mind him. You and I know very well that girl child education is a waste to any family. Our plan was to make sure you seat for Junior Secondary School Certificate Examination (JSSCE) which we have achieved. The money will be used to sponsor your younger brother, Brutus He is the only hope of this family. We have arranged Otenkwu, the prestigious palm wine tapper for you. He has paid half of the dowry which we shall add to mr. Toje’s to sponsor your younger brother. Get prepared for he he is coming for you this evening.”







All he said did not go down with my mother but she was helpless. She stood up to talk but was interrupted by Elder Ochie, “sit down woman. Women are made to shine their whims and not their eyes or mouth. The meeting is for men.”





You may want to know if I later married Otenkwu and the whereabouts of Chukwuma my son in Mr. Toje’s custody.
Next episode can cure your curiosity.

MY TEACHER IS RESPONSIBLE [Episode 01]: a short story

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In my school, Aba high school, I used to be serious until Mr Toje came to me. I never knew I was in rogue’s net. He started by telling me to be serious in all my academics. He used to vet my books and did all necessary corrections.

If any teacher maltreated me, he called them to order. Bean cake was at my disposal: He bought for me the way my parents never did. Oh! What a demise of hope.

In a faithful morning, he told me to meet him after class activities. I succumbed on the fact that he was my mentor. I dashed euro for naira because I presumed yawning for bumps. I took him as my . . . in short, myself.
When I got to him, he told me to come to his house that I was going to do somethings for him. I was still…

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Routed from the hardiwork of Lord F Lugard, Nigeria has been under tribal and religious sentiments. At the inception of the country as an independent country, many of her leaders siphon her treasury leaving her an empty pox. What a tragedy!

The instigation of one Nigeria is somewhat a mirage. This is due to the fact that the leadership of the country is one-sided.
Zik served as a governor and only leader from South-East.
Since then, the leadership has been centred on the North and the West especially the North.
Thank God for Jonathan who broke the chain after the death of Yar’ Dua.

Following the xenophobic and stigmatized views among the tribes in Nigeria, there arose Oduduwa People Congress (OPC) in the West – Yoruba, AREWA Youths in the North – Hausa, Indigeneous People of Biafra (IPOB) and other groups.

One will wonder why those people arose. This can best be answered by the individual groups.

It is important that we acknowledge that we are one blood. We were united under one umbrella even till now.

It is wise the leadership of the country is zoned such that Hausa will lead with either Igbo or Yoruba as his Vice. After that, the Igbos should lead with either Yoruba or Hausa as Vice.
Likewise the Yoruba.
This will make Nigeria a Paradise for all and no more for some people.

If we must separate . . . I think this is not good idea . . . let us follow due processes.
The existence of Zambia, Ghana, Siera Leone did not prevent Nigeria from existing as a country.
If Biafra must be created as a sovereign state or country, it will not affect Nigeria as a different country so far due process is observed.

I was not there but I heard that some people suffered to create Nigeria as a country. What and how will you feel if after giving birth to a child and he turned against your product as his parent?
Remember the lines in the Nigeria’s National Anthem “. . . the labour of heroes past,
shall never be in vain . . .”

My people, we are one and one blood.
Let us see ourselves as one.

Wow! Let me share my dream:
I can see blood flooding our territory because of struggle for freedom.
I can hear voices from a far saying, ‘ let them be a country of their own if they insist’.
I can see a new country where the minority beg to belong to the old country with fine.
I can also see people killing themselves over what God blessed them with.
At last, I can see a country where many foreigners come to invest because of the surplus mineral deposits and good business atmosphere.

Long live Nigeria!
Long live the Igbos!
Long live the Yoruba!
Long live the Hausa!
Long live Africa! She is our continent.
We are people of one voice!

What is good to goose is good to the gander. make Nigeria all tribes’ country and see that the idea of division will be a thing of the past.
Let us do away with the idea that if Igbos are allowed to lead Nigeria, they will sign the creation of Biafra.
That is not true. No leader will like to have bad record.
Besides, the Senates and the Reps are there to pass the bill and enact it to law.
Other countries are there to question any declaration by any leader just as Trump of America was questioned when he banned the Islamic countries from entering the United States of America. No particular ethnic group or tribe owns Nigeria as his or her personal property or possession.

May God hear our prayers in Jesus name.

THE GIGOLO: A Heart-breaking Comedy

On one sunday afternoon, Solomon was coming down from sunday service.

Zounds! You must be enticed by this boy’s funny way.

In the bus he boarded, there was a charming girl who every men in the car lusted for: many passing their destinations while others masturbated.
Solo tried everything possible to woo the girl but she was less attentive to him.

In few hours later, Solomon remembered what to do.
Are you willing to know? Wait a moment.

You know quite alright that many men believe girls are greedy.
Meanwhile, they presume that they go by what they hear.
This accounts to many boys feigning affluence.

Welcome back!
Having traded with the insinuation that girls are greedy, Solo inserted hand into his pocket and faked call.

Here we go.

Solomon: Hello mum, have you seen what I told you? China airline is not trustworthy. They have cancelled my flight to United Kingdom.

As if that was not enough, my Jeep just broke down. I boarded a public bus.
Imagine the insult mum.

Mum please send a driver to come up and pick me up at the garage. Let him come with the Hummer you bought for me yesterday because I am afraid of another disappointment.

No. . . No. . . Mum I will be ok. Just relax, I have 50, 000 naira here with me: I will use it for my feeding.

Thank you mum. I love you too!
Bye! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

As he was calling, the girl was busy looking at him.
He paused and said, “why are you looking at me? Are you amazed by . . . . . . . .”

The girl snapped at him,
“take you battery you foolish boy. It fell from your phone when you were trying to remove it from your pocket”.

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Many exhaust a million time emulating others. It is the root of our epleptic ways of living.

Something makes you unique. It is the uniqueness in you that makes you unique.

Venture into your desired activity. There are football players. If your mind tells you that you can perform well as a runner, run and see that you will excel.
How you started matters but what matters most is how you ended.

Yes. I think you are not there because someone else was there. Choose one thing special and make special thing from it.

For a start, is there a particular thing called ones destiny?
My dear, any thing you do with willingness and enthusiasm will become your destiny. If you continue with the odd job you do, there will be good results, people will say that it is your destiny.

I spent eleven years at home without being admitted to primary school.
In order to get admitted, i started weaving baskets. My teacher saw my baskets as the best. It was from them that I paid my hand works.
My friends advised me never to leave the work that it was my destiny.

At my secondary level, I started climbing trees. I made huge amount of money from it. I used it to write and made my WAEC.
I intensified the efforts and graduated as an NCE holder.

Go to my place now and see people calling me destined climber.
Many are telling their children to emulate me. Many tried it and failed.

Remember that the same parents who told their children to emulate me were the same parents who abused their children using my name. They told their children that if they didn’t go to school, they would be like me who could only climb.

Meanwhile, i insist that your destiny is in your hand. Destiny is made and not inherited. Work hard and pray for God to assist you to excel.

As a teacher now, my students always tell me that teachers are born and not made. They said I was a destined teacher. They even told me never to leave the profession when I told them that I wanted to read Educational Management.

Your destiny is imbedded in your hands.
Choose one thing and do and wait for God to show you a better way.

Turn down the gossip that one cannot survive without help or charm. Those who say all these are lazy people. I found my fiancé when she was at secondary level of education, many told me to separate from her that her educational level was too low. Their aim was for me to marry who can help in my family. I told them that it is a lazy man that depends on a woman for family upliftment.
The same people are the ones congratulating me for having dated my heartthrob.

Both of us are excelling now. All they say now is that we are magicians. We combinely do what affluent men cannot do.

Your opinion and perception about yourself matters. Allow others to suggest for you and not to decide for you.
Just try and know what you want and pursue it. Pursue one thing at a time and not all at a time.

I remain Nwigboji Franklin Opefi.
Catch you next;
Good luck!

CONCORD: Noun-Verb agreement

Many students define concord as agreement between the Noun and the Verb in a sentence.

Meanwhile, it is important to define concord in general.
In doing this, we should know that collocation is synonymous to concord.
Concord therefore is an agreement between words in an expression.

Sequel to the topic, we have to define concord base on Subject – Verb agreement.
Defining it therefore, concord is grammatic agreement between the Noun and the Verb: semantically, syntactically and otherwise.
The agreement is based on
1. Number
2. Idea and
3. Closeness.

There are three types of concord.
A. Grammatical concord
B. Proximity concord and
C. Notional concord.

This is an agreement between the noun and the verb in number.
That is,
1. If the noun is singular, the verb should be singular.
i. Emeka is intelligent.
ib. He is intelligent.
‘Emeka’ in the above sentence is a singular noun. While
‘Is’ is a singular verb.
iia. John eats rice.
iib. He eats rice.

2. If the noun is plural, the verb must be plural.
ia. Emeka and Uche are intelligent.
ib. They are intelligent
‘Emeka and Uche’ is a plural noun. While
‘are’ is a plural verb.
iia. John and paul eat rice.
iib. They eat rice.

N/B: A singular verb goes with ‘s’ genitive.
While a singular noun on the contrary goes without ‘s’ genitive.

This states that the verb should agree with the noun close to it.
That is,
1. If the noun close to the verb is singular, the verb should be singular.
i. Either the boys or the girl is at fault.
ii. Neither the students nor the teacher was invited.
2. If the noun close to the verb is plural, the verb should be plural.
i. Either the boy or the girls were here.
ii. Neither the chairmen nor the subjects were present.

This states that the verb agrees to the noun according to the idea the speaker has in mind in terms of number.
This occurs in collective nouns.
Examples of collective nouns are sheep, cattle, police, congregation, people, family, Deer, salmon, offspring, Grouse, Senegalese, Portuguese, barracks, series, species, fleet, means, Japanese, herd, mackerel, carp, cod, et cetera.
ia. The sheep was killed.
—Only one sheep.
ib. The sheep were killed.
—More than a sheep.
iia. The Police was informed on time.
—Only one police
iib. The Police were informed on time.
—More than a police


1. Two nouns joined by with, together with should go with singular verb.
i. The boy with his sister was here.
ii. Chima together with the boy was invited.

2. If a noun or phrase is appositiive to the subject; that is, if it refers to the same person, singular verb should be used.
i. Engr. Dave, the governor of Ebonyi state is the best governor.
NOTE: Engr. Dave is the same as the governor.
3. If the subject is joined with another subject by ‘and’ without ‘the’ attached to the second subject, singular verb should be used.
i. Mr. Nweke and Vice principal is kind.
ii. A student and fair boy was kidnapped.
4. If correlative adjectives like ‘neither . . . nor, either . . . or, as well as’ are used to pass information, the verb should agree with the noun close to it in terms of number.
i. Neither the man nor the boys were informed.
ii. Neither the boys nor the man was informed.
iii. Either the teachers or the student is at fault.
iv. Either the student or the teachers were at fault.
5. A sentence started with ‘the number of’ should go with a singular verb.
While the one with ‘a number of’ should attract plural verb.
i. The number of the victims has reduce.
ii. A number of the boys were arrested.
6. Plural-form nouns that are singular agrees with singular verb.
Such nouns are: Physics, Economics, News, Measles, Dollars.
i. The news is not a pleasing one.
ii. Five dollars is missing in my pocket.
iii. Measles is a disease for little children.
7. Collective nouns when referred to as a unit, singular verb should be used. But if it is as individuals in the group, plural verb should be used.
i. The crowd applauds when there is concerted effort.
—-As a unit—-
ii. The crowd applaud when there is concerted effort.
—-As individual—-


Love according to Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary is “a strong feeling of deep affection for somebody/something, especially a member of your family or a friend”.

The emergence of varieties of love gives it more phases: some call it charity while many call it affection.
Whatever name it is called, it is essential for personal-national development.

Nigerians see one another as aliens because we lack love. Tribal differences is visible because of love strike.

Nigerians, are we really created by God? God loves us and sent his only son to die for us (John 3:16). What a great love. Why can’t we love ourselves? Love is what we need for the nation’s unity to be intensified.

Considering love and tasks attached to it, love is not simple.
Meanwhile, it is not for simply ones.
If you think the contrary, “how long, you simple ones will you love simplicity?” ( Proverbs 1:22).
Love is a great task which demands much.
One is ought to love his neighbours (Leviticus 19:18) for our nation to excel.

The causes of our economic recession is built on selfishness.
Selfishness is a cankerworm eating up our society.
“He that loves pleasure shall be a poor man: He that loves wine and oil shall not be rich” (Proverbs 21:17).
“Our leaders should know that when goods increase, they are increased that eat them” (Ecclesiastes 5:11).
“Also,he that loves silver shall not be satisfied with silver; nor he that loves abundance with increase because it is also vanity” (Ecclesiastes 5:10).

It is not rare to hear our leaders feigning patriotism and generosity. They forget that “open rebuke is better than secret love” (Proverbs 27:5).
Wow, “how long will you sons of men love vanity and seek leasing?” (Psalm 4:2).

In short, I am wearied of this nation saga. Sequel to this, my leaders should be out of this.
Job was good yet his inward friends abhorred him and those who loved him turned against him (Job 19:19).

As patriotic Nigerians, let us be subject to our leaders and obtain favour from them.
Esther was made a queen because she distinguished herself from other virgins (Esther 2:17).
Let us love one another for it is a powerful antidote.

Sometimes, one may decide to love but turned down.
To be frank with you, I hate wasting love. I withdraw my love when it is toyed with because my love is real.
It is easy to say, “I love you” but is it real? Love is best felt than spoken. A lover finds difficulties in expressing it.

(1 Corinthians 13:4-8)

1. It suffers long.
2. It is kind.
3. It is not selfish.
4. It is not easily provoked.
5. It does not think evil.
6. It endures.
7. It does not fail.
8. It is tolerative.
With regard to this therefore, “if I feed the poor without love,it is nothing” (1 Corinthians 13:3).

There are many things people should love but wisdom must be first. This is because, “whoso loves wisdom makes his father happy: but he that keeps company with harlots spends his substance” (proverbs 29:3). One should be careful of who to love and how to love.

Love is really a bond. “I sleep, but my heart wakes: It is the voice of my beloved that knocks, saying, open to me, my dove, my love,my undefiled” (Songs of Solomon 5: 2).
This was done by God. “He brought me to the banqueting house, and his banner over me was love” (Songs of Solomon 2:4).

Prior to this, I charge you oh daughters and sons of Jerusalem, if you find my beloved, that you tell her that I am sick of love (Songs of Solomon 8: 8).
Let her kiss me with the kisses of her mouth: for her love is better than wine (Songs of Solomon 1:2).

Please read this letter to her,

Dear my God-taken-rib,
How are you? I kept watch over the night to secure my love for you.

Darling, you may think I was mad but your virtues kept vibrating in my memory. I closed my eyes but saw darkness illuminated by your image.
I even saw a better side of you in my dream.

The Apple of my eyes, my memory is clouded by your physical aesthetics. I will rather murder than losing you and Nigeria.

My domestic Angel, I promise to walk with you to the altar in due time. Beautiful and fair are your attributes oh a supposed angel in God’s kingdom. God is right to have made you a charming charm. Your parents shall be mine. Those who despised you shall ask forgiveness for them to dine with us on the table of love.
I love you my Godspromise Precious Uka.

Your love and host,