1.Life is full of ups and downs. 2. How long you lived on earth does not matter but how well you lived. 3. What people say about you is better than what you say about yourself. 4. Hubris renders life useless. 5. Poverty with prestige worths million while affluence with grudges is misfortune. 6. Be guided by what happened to others and not necessarily your experience. If it must be your experience, what if you did not survive it? 7. Avoid slaps if you see others slapped. 8. Marriage without happiness is worse than entering into hell fire. 9. It is better to remain a bachelor than to marry a nagging wife. 10. One must be a fool to be a good lover. 11. One with a girlfriend is close to the devil. 12.Illegal sex without condom leads to heartbreak–pregnancy, abortion, HIV/AIDS; The same is applied when you serve God without holiness. 13. It is better to remain at home than to go to church with grudges.