Every woman wants at least a husband. Nothing worths more than getting a husband for herself. This is the case in Gwala town. Every woman wants to pay dowry on her head in a bid to get husband for herself. Mariam is a young child from northern part of Nigeria. She started as an orphan without hope. She yelled for a partner without results. Her most concern is the situation where young girls are married out at twelve contrary to her condition of staying up to thirty years without any husband. What a pity! In a bid to see herself survived, Mariam decided to mobilize other old girls to protest against the behaviour of men towards them. They set off to fight for their rights. Every nooks and crannies were bold enough to listen. After six months, the law was passed that any body who must marry should marry atleast one old girl. This gives hope to the old chicks. After Mariam’s wedding with Alhaji Tanko, she started raping him. She forces him to face his face with hers. To escape this, Alhaji commits suicide. Who should be blamed?