At the southern pole of Ikwo local government area is located a quasi-heaven alma mater which is galaxic. No wonder it is Galaxy Foundation International College. This is the only heaven one is ought to transcend on earth. This is the school teachers manifest their unalloyed ingenuity which qualitizes and elevates the tone of the school. Are you eager for updated tutors? Transcend, evaporate and condense at Galaxy Foundation International College, Ndiofoke Amagu Ikwo and visualize extra qualified instructors who through their condensed cognition can bake you to your emancipations. Is English language L1 or L2? This rhetorized saying is answerable in this school. English language is now L1 together with Igbo language. Science and art subjects are at the reach of the students. Are you student? Condense yourself and accumulate knowledge. There are science laboratories:- Physics lab; Chemistry lab; Biology lab; Physiological lab; to mention a few. This is the school i concluded my five year journey. Any knowledge desiring student, including TP student should yearn for the rising stars. Bravo to the rising stars! Bravo to comrade Aloh J. E.!! Regards to all the staff and students of the rising stars.