Love is inevitable.
To escape from the dangers of love, go away from the opposite sex love.

If you are a boy, be mindful of girls; they could use their tricky life to mar your life. As a girl, run away from the boys.

To run away from the devil, never think of going near him.

It is ironical that none can stay alone without life’s partner. The partner must be an opposite sex.
The truth is that every thing has time and period. Say, “I do” when you got to the time.

Many think women are blessings. It is partly true and partly fallatic. Union with a woman is beginning of new struggle: all hope is far spent. After labouring for years without achievement, never presume you can make it by getting married.
The benefit is on the other way round; it is for child being only.

Are you inquisitive to ask, “what if I marry a well-developed girl?”
That is funny. Your grave and casket are beckoning on you. You would end up receiving avalanche of libations from her. She may woman the house for short period owing to the fact that she must have stayed for years without a partner.
As soon as she delivers a child, trouble would ensue with you as the victim which would cause heartbreaks to you. This time, she would not only woman but man the family leaving you a pinging toy.

Marriage is enjoyable if the man can provide for his family and not otherwise.
Marry at your mature age so that you would grow mature heart to bear the new phase of life which darlingmood can cause you.

It is better to marry by mistake than by error. Your wife determines who you will be in life. So, never rush to grab women like hot cake, there are many fish in the oceans. Charming ladies are not yet born. Avoid pointed-nose ones who lack your taste and watch focusingly for a good wife and not good girl because good wife is scarce while good girls are rampant.

My fellow bachelors! Let’s wake up to reality and learn from the ants because break in engagement is hundred percent better than break in marriage. Plan ahead and survive ahead.

I remain the only Franky in town; I love you and always expecting your contributions for the development of young brains.

Before you click BACK, answer the following questions:

1. Can one avoid opposite sex until marriage? I mean, without interaction.

2. Is it bad to marry a rich lady when you are poor?

3. Which is better among separating from a partner a day before your wedding and after a child in marriage?

Answer cognitively.
Au revoir!