A 30 year old man, Nwali Christopher was reportedly kidnapped by a group of five men.
An interview by a correspondent revealed that the men kidnapped Nwali becaused he usurped one of their girlfriends.

An interview with the wife of the deceased says that her husband was a faithful man who believed in God, “They said that my husband collected their girlfriend from them. It is a lie! My husband is faithfull to God. Only what am suspecting is his sudden purchase of tricycles”.

A separate interview said that the man turned to a tricycle (keke napep) on 25 October, 2014, “We were in our house on 25 October this year and got the information that a man turned to a brand new keke”. Reacting on the report, one of the correspondents asked, “How did this happen?” The reporter responded, “He intentionally allowed his keke key to fall and mandated someone to pick it for him which attracted spectators who forced him to pick it by himself. He turned to keke at touching it”.

Report from a girl believed to be close to the family said that the man used to come to home everyday with new keke.

At the compilation of this report, the whereabouts of Nwali Christopher has not be really ascertained.