It was a scorching day when Faith came to me for her ring. Though it was scorching, I was drenched by tears of dismay.
When she came, she called me,
“Chika! I
am sorry
that I
delayed you
up to this level”.
My heart was now engrossed by awe.
“It is true
that you
did all you
could to
see that I
a nurse:
I’m really
As if she was going to hug and kiss me, she knelt down and proceeded
“we were
on the
same level
then but
we are no
more. As
you know,
change is
I want to
use this
mandate to
inform you
that as a
I don’t need
to have a
dunce as
my . . .”.
She stood and began to stroll and left.

This is a girl I toiled and moiled to see that she became a nurse. I engaged myself in all sorts of job to sponsor her, but see my condition today. Though I am a dunce . . . as she said, I never lose hope that I was going to perpetuate it.
Amasiri, Ugbodo, Mkpani and many other places were my footstools in order to have a graduate as wife. This has taught me lessons of my Life.

Girls do not deserve love and care. When you love them, they will end up ruining your life. What is my fate now that I’m 50? Should I go for another girl and train her up? Should I continue to see my dreams of getting married to a graduate surface?
Oh my God! What a wicked generation.

Anyway, girls are the same. After all, Amarachi disappointed me after when I sponsored her to graduate as an NCE holder without even rendering an apology.
All I have been getting from the girls are broken promises. The worst is that I never saw Faith’s pant. Instead, she tells me that she does not want her hymen tampered with: that she wants to remain a virgin till we get married.

I think I was a fool to have agreed with her when she told me that she missed her menstrual period.
How can a girl who claims to be a virgin have vaginal bleeding after three months of non-menstrual cycling? I was really a fool. This has taught me the lessons I will never forgo. In short, who lives with a girl lives with the devil. Such one’s life is in chaos.

We talk of hellfire everyday without knowing we are already in it. The only free man who is free is the man who does not have a girlfriend or wife. You are always in the devil’s den as long as you allow a girl into your life.

Sorry to the pastors! They can hardly make heaven . Their wives make them preach with their flesh instead of spirit.
Tell me, does God remain with a heartbroken man? No wonder, reverend father Ejike Mbaka does all wonders because he is unmarried.

I was a fool in the first place to have allowed girls near me. After all Job’s wife told him to curse God and even prayed he cursed and died (Job 2:9), Samson loved Delilah but she ended up in ruining his life (Judges 16:4-30), Ahab was in trouble with God because of Jezebel, his wife (1 Kings 16:31-33). Men are in trouble.

It is unwise for a man to love to please a girl. It is better you love and give to a boy than a girl. The boy can thank you after many years; but the girl cannot dare it. She can rather turn it into insult.
It is not love that makes a man that does not give to a boy to shop for girls. It is lust. It is better to shop for boys than the girls. The girl you even bought for may even say to a friend,
“look at
that fool.
He bought
for me . . .
may be he
thinks I’m
a fool like
himself. We
are not on
the same
level after
all”. Boys value gifts more than the girls. I hate all the . . . let all of them . . . Oh my God. In the next world, I will be a girl so that I can usurp from the girls who would then be boys.

1. Who should be blamed in this story?
2. From this story, are the girls good for the boys?