In Mgbu primary school, Emeka and Rose leave for a private area

EMI: Rose how’re you?

ROSE: I’m cute Emi.

EMI: How do you feel
about what I told you?

ROSE: I’m sorry… I’m

EMI: Why?

ROSE: My parents are
christians and you
know, christians
pretend to be holy.

EMI: I’m not used to
their pretence. I do all I
like; even if it means
raping to gratify my
urge, I do it without

ROSE: my dear it’s how
to do it without their

EMI: Only that?

ROSE: Yes. I want them
to keep hoping on me.

EMI: Ok! I’ll try my best
to see that they are

Scene II
In pastor Chima’s room, Rose sits with Nnenwa, her mother

PASTOR: Praise the Lord!

ROSE and NNE: Hallelujah!

PASTOR: Let us pray: Our father, we thank thee for thy care upon this holy family. I pray that thou helps us to remain the same.
Cut off the disappointing fingers in Jesus name.

ROSE and NNE: Amen.

ROSE: Papa! What do
you mean by disappointing finger? I’m tired of all these
pretence: I want to live
my own life (Leaves).

NNE: My God have mercy
(Goes out of the room).

PASTOR: Father! Let thy
will be done
(Shakes his head).

Scene I
Rose meets Emeka
on the way

ROSE: Emi thank God
you’re here. I missed
my time.

EMI: Should I find it
for you?

ROSE: You should
because you lost it.

EMI: You are a fool… In
short, I hate you. Go
to hell.

ROSE: What else
should I do?

EMI: Go to hell of course.

ROSE: Oh my God! See
what I have done to myself. . . It isn’t my
fault after all. My father
caused all. I started
going after boys when he told me not to go
after them. I thought
he was trying to hide
things from me. If he
hadn’t told me so, I
wouldn’t had dared it.
God help me to survive

Scene II
Rose lies with churning stomach with Nnenwa her mother

ROSE: Mumy am sorry
I’m dummy.

NNE: Why did you say
so? Aren’t we taking
good care of you? What
is it?

ROSE: I’m preg. . .
(Nne cuts in)

NNE: what? Did you say. . . Ewo!!!
Someone come and
hear o!!! (enters Pastor)

PASTOR: (Looking
askance) What is it?

NNE: (Still screaming)
Ask your daughter. . .
She has killed me. . .
(Pastor interrupts)

PASTOR: Kill? What is
happening here? Can I
be cleared. Hush!!!

NNE: (In tears) Rose is
pregn. . .(Pastor interrupts).

PASTOR: (Panting) Stop!
Never try to add -ant.
Did you say prayer?
(Grumbles) Matt 5:29-30
says we should cut the
erring part (Ponders).

ROSE : (Aside) What do I
do now?

PASTOR: Is it true
Rose? Are you

ROSE: (Panting) Ye-ee-e-esh I. . .
(Looks at Pastor).

PASTOR: (Grabs Rose’s
neck) You must die.

NNE: Leave her. . .help!
Help!! Someone is dying

ROSE: (Mouth agape)
Ah! eeeee (Dies).

Scene I
At the burial ground,
pastors, church
members, neighbours
and well-wishers are

1ST PASTOR: (Swimming
in tears) prai-ai-aise the

Congregation: Hallelujah!

1ST PASTOR: We’re here
today because our
sister is no more.Sometimes I think
satan’s project is on
the pastors. Our
children hardly make us
proud. Though I know
the cause, it is a
doctrine. We spoil our
children because we
behave as if we are the
upbringers. We tell
them what not to do
thereby leading them
astray. Adam and Eve
eat the forbidden fruit
because they are
warned not to eat it (GENESIS 2:16-17).
God uses this to warn
us not to warn humans
since they do what
they are told not to do.
Rose did it today and
she is no more. May her
soul rest in peace.

Congregation: Amen!

2ND PASTOR: We have
heard from the horse’s
mouth. We pastors
should stop telling our
children not to associate with others.
If they do, they can
teach themselves.
To be fore warned is to
be fore armed. May
Rose’s soul rest in

Congregation: Amen!

3RD PASTOR: This is
the end of the race.
Rose started and has
ended without legacy.
How long you lived
matters a little than
how well you lived. May
her soul rest in the
bosom of the Lord.

Congregation: Amen.

problem is that we
pastors talk about
others and never had
the time to talk about
ourselves. We teach
others to be holy and
be good parents while
we don’t do the same.
Our children emulated
from us. Whatsoever
they do, we say it is
the will of God. Let us
remove what covers
our eyes so that we
can see well to remove
from others (Matt 7:5). We preach
love when we hate.
How can a man who
loves his child murder
her? May God have
(Noise within and
drums as Rose’s
remains are laid into the
silent private room).

1. who committed the
worst sin?
2. Who should be