The best way to make
a good friend is to be
A wiseman is a foolish

Friends regard you as
bad friend when you
claim to be wise.
Claiming to be wise
does not make you a
wise one.

Should you need from
your boss, pretend to
be mid. Never think of behaving like a fool or
an elite. Masters hate
who is too wise or
foolish. Bend to pick
what you want before
you show you cannot
be teased.

A beggar is always a fool. Remain foolish until you gain your ground.
A friend once told me
that he acts like a fool
so that people can
allow him to survive
before they see him.

Beggars hardly see and
receive anything today
because they claim to
have choice now. One
day, a begging woman
met me to give her
some garri. I gave her a
cup but she rejected
and said, “do you think
you can just give me a
cup and I collect it?” Be
wish in your pocket and
not others’.

Remain steadfast until we meet again. Thank you very much: I love you!