I was four years old when I started my experience with my uncle, Steve. He did all he could to inflict pains on me.

On a fateful afternoon, uncle Steve called me “Gideon!”, my heart started panting “bia!”. I knew he was going to lambast on me. I strolled near him “kneel down!”, he howled. I squat down because his post-whips could not let me bend . . . Oh my God! He aerated me in an eye twinkle. I screamed, “ukwu m ooo!” because he struck me on my waist.

On top of my chirp of dismay which seemed my last, neighbours and passers-by encroached. They yearned for the upheaval but I shut my buccal cavity because if I had let air, he would scale me. The same happened all days. I thought if really there was other world. If there was, why was I still alive? Was I too ugly to die?

Anyway, these questions were celebrating the initiation of an orphan into the hell when prominent men were mayors there. My mother was in same boat with us: my three other brothers and two sitsers. Mum was lucky to had eluded his terror when he was still in protruded mode. That was during her finalisthood.
Our lastborn was still indoor percolating in amniotic fluid.
World war ended long ago but it was real in the cosmic and transcendental world. It was fierce in my mother’s womb. She hardly ate because hydrate was as scarce as an orphan becoming the president of Nigeria. Getting drugs were as cumbersome as Nigeria buying arms and helicopters from America.

My own case was exonerated because chirping insects are never scarce at the paths leading to the transcendental cosmos. I was addicted to hearing one being whipped with a whip but mine was with pestles by my biological father.
I even preferred that because he is my father but the genesis of an uncle battering me was my heartbreaks.

One day, I was in farm with the so-called my uncle, he said “I will keep inflicting pains on all of you because your father did the same to me”. He added that my father suffered him when he was sponsoring him to school. What a vampire!

My father was addicted to battering me because I was a lefty — a monohand but I could not decipher my uncle’s.

Following the incessant batters from my uncle after my father’s death, my brother, Sundi came and fetched me to the West where agonies were baptized and christianized.

When we were tactic with the West, my brother and his wife became antonomastic to my father and uncle steve.
I was taken to a master who paid thirteen thousand naira to my brother for me to work for him for a year.

I regretted going with my brother to where I was a novice but I gave in since I could not help the situation.
I was never stubborn but this time, I was cruel. I became insubordinate to the master until he ostrarized me.

That was how I was sent to school to be beaten to stupor by tutors.
I was enrolled into a school where I trekked six hours before getting there. It was really bothersome since school dismissed before I could reach there. I told my brother that I was going to live with some mates.

In my school, I hardly ate because there was no food. Rents were not paid for me. I had nothing to eat because he said I was very stubborn to had told him I wanted to rent yards.

As an ostrarized servant, I had no option than to embark on hunting rabbits. I sold the caught rabbits and bought: food stuffs, books, pens, utensils, paid rents and other payables. I went to hunt after school because if I did not, world war would be started in my stomach. I stayed there for the whole term except when it was time to go to my brother’s cocoa farm.

During farming, I plucked, gathered, cut, seeded, and other doables.

Following inception of stomach ulcer, I was sent back to my village where the news was spred that I was being attacked by evil spirits from our school at the West. They said my personal god said I should not go to school.

As prayers were going on, I was busy drinking concoctions.
I did the same until I graduated from secondary school.
At present, I’m an NCE holder.

Nature holds the best for us. Your background, position, nature; all bake you to what you will be in life. Rise and move on and make those who swore to laugh at you grudgingly smile with you. That you fell today does not mean you can fall again when you stand.
We talk about David and Solomon today because they fell and stood.


1. What should I do to all these success breakers now?
2. Should I retaliate?

Goodbye till we meet again.
I remain Nwigboji Franklin Opefi.
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I love you.