Lust girls hate boys most. If they are missing you, they become hot to you in order to attract your attention.
Their purpose could be to know if you would talk to them by asking why they were harsh.

Try any of them and see what I mean. They are the kind who may not doze if you frown like them.

Should any girl shout at you, never shout back if you are interested in girls. Just give her time . . . say 30 minutes. Approach her privately and ask what you should do to reconcile with her; though you may not have offended her.

If you approach her, she would smile and tell you to forget everything, that she was just offended by someone else. That that her behaviour towards you was transfer of aggression.

While leaving her, ask for her company. On your way, pet her and hug her to say ‘goodbye’.

On the next day, say “hi” to her and she would respond well. Invite her to your house and dine with her. She would even be the one to kiss you after eating. Avoid the kiss and she would love you more.

If you want to linger the love, stop visiting her for up to three weeks. After a month, propose a visit to her. Eat anything she would give to you when you get there. She would go to church if she is a christian and say, ‘I’m very happy for what the Lord has done for me’ without mentioning the thing.

For some of them, propose marriage to them. This is because some of them would like you to marry them and not to befriend them.
NOTE: These kind could poison if you promised and fail them.

Before you embark on the lust tour, note that lust girls are jealous. They would prefer to die than seeing you with other girls; though they may not be your friends.


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