Destiny they said ‘can be delayed but cannot be denied’.

The delay of your destiny does not mean someone hijacked it. It could be that you have not grown firm enough to manipulate it or that you are misappropriating the chances of its acquisition.
We sometimes if not always believe someone manipulates our talents. This is quasi-realistic but cannot be quantified. We are the abridgers of our talents.

Our anus itches for worms that are not defaecatable. We dream for eggs when we neither have fowls nor money and even generous egg givers. We hang our coat with a borrowed stools without taking into cognizance the fact that the owners may come for the stools anytime. We rush when we realize that the owners are there for us thereby stumbling without tapping the bag.

Your talent or destiny per se can easily be reached through short cuts. A destined master must serve others before he would be the predestined master. A landlord must be a tenant before he would earn for landlordship.

We make caricature and cajole people who catch their bulls by horns because we hardly believe one could survive as a labourer and make it a short cut to their destinies.

If you want to be successful in life, focus on your project or handwork. There are rich people. Yes i believe but you could serve and become richer than them.
This reminds of an old fable.
The animals scheduled a summit. At the time presents were to be shared, the tortoise told his mates that since the presents were too small for all of them, he was not going to take a portion in the share. He added that only what they should do for him is for each of the animals to cut a little from each of their portions for him.

The animals were enticed by his daddy talks. When they cut the parts as demanded, the tortoise’s portion was above theirs when he joined all he was offered.

This is the same with wealth acquisition. Those who laugh at you because you are a labourer conclude that you are talentless but I bet you, they will come to you on their knees.

Though you are laughed at, he who laughs last laughs the best. Your laughers may not know that you are heading for something special until you shoot the bullet.

If you dream to be a medical doctor, do any job to earn money to pursue it. It is true that if you endure in the menial job people would say it is your destiny. Ignore the opportunists and buckle down. Start from nothing to something until you actualize your heart desire.

Do you sort for soothsayers to tell you your destiny? Your destiny is in your palm.
Any work you can do and excel is your destiny.

Though such task may not be a platter of gold, your persistence can fetch heavens for you.

My dear, life is a risk. In any work you want to do, always term yourself a dead. Overlook your life to pursue your heart desires.

Though it may be too hot today, it could be too cold some days. The tears you shed today is success’ price which you have to pay for it.

The sound of a bitter cola when it is being chewed is not its taste. Proverbs are best in the elders’ mouth.
An exposed and civilized young man is wiser than an old man.
That a child is not wise does not mean it can feed through its nose.
Life without encounters is like a graduate without being a student.
Knowledge is not age based.

Meanwhile, the messiah could hail from anywhere just as many thought Jesus Christ was going to be borne by a prominent man in Israel only to be disappointed to be borne in Nazareth by a peasant — carpenter.

Many will be amazed to see you standing on the podium addressing them ‘ladies and gentlemen’. You should note that how long it took you to survive does not count but how successful you later became.

While toiling and moiling to be successful, disregard all the people who say they are no more your kindred.
They will even be the ones to come to you and say, ‘na me be your uncle’. Some may even tell you that you are related in generations ago.

In every thing you do, remember that failure is an orphan while success is a brother to every generation.


I remain Nwigboji Franklin Opefi.
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Love is inevitable.
I love you and willing to catch you many times more.

Au revoir!