Everyone has roles to play in life. There are many kinds and categories of people. Some are to give, others are receivers while many are consumers.

Let us accomodate the less privilage ones for they have their quotas to contribute in the society.
Do you think beggars are worthless? Consider this: As a stranger in town, you are wandering without a specific direction and see a beggar. Can you not ask him how to get to your destination? A little clue and direction given by the beggar can guide your way.

Should I talk about a servant; a servant is more important than a master. Who is a master without a servant? Being a master without a servant is the same as being a priest in churches without the congregation.

No body is invalid per se except when one invalidates himself. A foolish man denies himself his rights for the sake of low handedness.
One is taken the way he takes himself. If you are older than someone but suffers inferiority complex, he would carry himself shoulder high before you. It is not bad that you check levels but age should not be ignored. Discover yourself together with others and not you after the others.

No one is rich until he enriches himself. A millionaire may not be contented with his millions. But if you are contented with your hundreds as a hundredaire, you are richer than him. One may graduate from a university yet, you may rate him low when you are an SSCE holder. This does not mean you are recalcitrant but because you have high self esteem.

We were deceived by Britain when they taught us to recognize others before ourselves. For instance; “I and you” is wrong because the speaker recognized himself before others. They claim that “you and I” is the correct usage thereby reinforcing us to think that others are more important than us.

Please, respect people the way they respect you. Forget the jewish tradition of loving your enemies as yourself.


Thank you and remember to shine your eyes and brain.

I remain Nwigboji Franklin Opefi