The sinews are deterged.
The hope of renew is tantamount;
Our agony is flagged,
Though we’re the paramount.

Egocentrism of the eye forgone the nose.
Our comfortable stations are mysteries;
We wallow in danger unoppose.
We abode in broad scorn storey.

We live in pleasureful abattoir
With irregular menses.
We gnash in irritative reservoir;
ending up as caricature of plaintiff masses.

When shall we have an advocate?
Oh my God! What a gainless pleasure.
We combat ooze of toilet.

Must we be static in painful pleasure?
God forbid. I must be foolish to be solomon.

Delirious is the order of our sermon.
Far better as king in hell than apprentice in paradise:
Better men of straw to gain our franchise.

We prefer democracy to appointment.
A legitimate leader is our advocate;
The woo of odds won’t affect our mood.
Humility is the key to avoiding satanhood.

The piper payer dictates the tone.
Flooding eyes are soon scornless.