Squat is get’ng greatness,
Game of love is ironical.
Foolish is thou to be wise,
Foolisher, the wiser lover.

There she was lonely
Until there I went,
Wise amongst multitude
But foolish with me for love.
Unease is heart of love,
Busy is eye without love.

Anxious was I for her
When she was an alien in hearts.
Xenophobia was her partner
When I visualized her.

Are you jealous?
Her love worths millions.
Miles was my trails for her,
Not until I got her.
Real love is all.
Who gets love is rich.

Perchance, I’m Abraham
For my love is enormous.

Who is there?
Tell my Angel thus:
I’m waiting for her here.
Let her meet me aright.

Oh! My God I’m lonely again.
What should I do
Who has her phone number?
Call and tell her that I’m dying.
Tell her that someone is . . .
I mean diminishing.

Though the road is far,
I must get the end of it.
Thorns are waters for me.
Dying in her is my desire.
It’s a must do for me.

Angel! In the next trip,
Remember who is with you.
Your leave is my dead.
Die today for me to meet you.

I love you my sweetheart.
Goodbye till we part no more.