Nowadays, boys and girls privatize spinsterhood and bachelorhood because they yearn for insatiable desires.
Below are the causes of spinsterhood/ feme sole and bachelorhood:

1. FALSEHOOD: Boys/girls hardly say things the way they are; instead of red, they call it pink, yellow for orange colour.
When they call their mothers, they say it was their sisters. Worst of all, they claim to squat while standing.

In relationship, as soon as your partner deciphers that you feign truthfulness, all trust is betrayed and rare to be re-fixed.

2. PRETENCE: it is preferable that you dispose your real self at first in relationship. First presentation and impression matter most.
Your partner see you the way you presented yourself at his first sight. An attempt to mimic beckons hatred; even divorce if already in matrimonial home and separation if engaged.
Boys and girls nowadays present themselves the way they are not only to woo another. After that, they would retain their originality.

3. MIMIC EXPOSITION: This is more on girls’ side. They boast of what they do not have. A girl from poor background can borrow or spend her last card to feign affluence by buying clothes and make-up. This makes rich men to avoid assuming much exposure. The moderate and poor ones avoid them because they think they are higher which makes the girls to pray and have wrinkles without answer. The truth is that these girls’ aim is rich men. They avoid poor men/boys on the claim that God did not approve it until it is too late. This causes divorce as soon as their partners decipher that they feigned personality.

4. FANATICISM/INDOCTRINATION: Many girls believe that God must tell them whom to marry. This makes them to believe words of the clergymen that marriage must be through them. Many also believe that wedding is the ultimate which makes them to end up waiting for who would wed them.

5. AUTOCRACY/LACK OF DIALOGUE: Many men and women do not discuss affairs together. The men claim to be all and all while the women when they are the breadwinners never allow their husbands and children to contribute. If this happens, separation or divorce is bound.

6. LAZINESS: Lazy men are hardly attracted to girls. They want real men who can feed them.

7. POOR AROUSAL: Inability of a partner to satisfy his/her partner sexually causes divorce.

8. POROSITY: Many men and women hardly hide secret thereby saying everything discussed with their partners to others including their children which leads to escalation.

9. UNFORGIVENESS/IMPATIENCE: These are the key causes of the menace. Any relationship without forgiveness is an immature one. It is bound to fumble early.
If the players in relationship are not easy-going there is problem.


1. Always tell the truth even if it can pluck ears away from the head. It is better than your partner hearing it elsewhere. He/she can forgive you easily.

2. In relationship, always be yourself: complain when displeased, praise when pleased, laugh when happy and angry when sad.
These can make your partner to know how to associate with you.

3. Always leave your breast without pad.
Associate with your likes. Go with poor people when you are poor; this can help people to know your level. Buy dresses of your class and always keep them clean. Bath very well and use cream to attract men for yourself.

4. The men should work hard because nowadays’ ladies love what you have and not handsomeness while men love beauty.

5. The men should try to control themselves so that they do not ejaculate early because the ladies love men more if they (girls) ejaculate before them. Romance her to arousal heat period before you login.
The ladies should always squick or give lovely slow shout during the intercourse because the men love ladies more when they remember their shouts during courtship. Romance and kiss the man when he is on/in you.

6. Try to know how God works.
Your heart is God’s temple and he lives there. He (your heart) tells you what is good for you. Your heart is your God.
If you see someone and your heart beats for him/her, approach him/her.
For girls, greet the boys always and they would come for you. Before you conclude, research about the person well.

7. Always allow everybody in your family to contribute in affairs for two heads are better than one. Both men and women are equal: That you are the breadwinner is a privilege and not luck. Instead, always ask help from God.

8. Be secretive with regards to family’s affairs. If you quarrel with your partner, try to settle it alone without any intruder.
Should you want to do anything in the family, never tell others but let them know when it has been done.

Note, if you invite external settler in quarrels, the same would poison your and your partner’s heart. The external settler goes to secret settlement which entails blaming you before your partner and your partner before you when each of you are alone.