He started from grace to grass searching for perfect sweetheart of no avail.

Abalioma graduated from Abaeke University, Nwanyiapa in flying colours. He was carried shoulder high as a prestigious scholar could be done.

As a first class graduate, Abalioma was employed as director of Nwanyiezuoke alliance refinery, Ogedimkpa where he made his first one million naira.

As they say, dormant money goes to the bank, a lazy man is a gigolo . . . so to say.
An idle mind is a loving mind.
Having toyed with messing money, Abalioma began to squander on girls gallivanting from one quim to another like a seasoning agama lizard. He did not know sweet soup loses its taste the more it is licked.
He had many encounter with many rich girls who to his view were all imperfect. Okenwokeji was one of those he flaunted with.

While with Okenwokeji, Abalioma flaunted with many other noble girls weighing them to choose the best amongst:
With Ndidiamaka, he discovered that her hymen had been broken though she was a sex mistress;
To Akwaeke, he discovered that she was a talkative girl though she could cook and romance;
To Ukwunnu, he discovered that she was too generous such that she shared her quim between him and other men. The same was applied to many other girls.

Beyond any doubt, you are tempted with what you can hardly do without.
As soon as Abalioma resolved to admit poor girls into his heart, all angles were rampant with girls of poor guises. The more he touched, the more he lost the texture. He sent info to the village for his father to marry and send any girl whose intelligence attained the level that she carried books on her head. He spoke in lingua franker which was difficult to his father for interpretation. That was so because he lost his accent and dialect for English language.

As a notorious village man, Nnanwa went out to look for bride for his son.
After five hours from when he was along the road, Nnanwa saw a girl whose books were rested on her head as against other girls who were beautiful without books on their heads. He approached the girl and wooed her for his son.

Having been transfer from Ogedimkpa to another branch of their industry in Lagos, Abalioma relocated to the city where many lucky hawkers shelter in abandoned vehicles and under the bridges. Getting an apartment in Lagos was like Nigeria legalizing homosexualism.
Two years later, Ukwunka was taken to Lagos by Nnanwa for Abalioma.

When Ukwunka got to Lagos, she feigned timidity contrary to her habit of harlotry.
Whenever Abalioma gave money for food, she would spend twenty percent of it thereby buying small piece of meat which was against her husband’s principle. When asked, she said, “we have to economize everything.” The worst was that she fetched pipe borne water for Abalioma against his habitual drinking of sachet water.

As the sun rose and fell, weeks came and gone.
Abalioma had tried everything possible to haul her but Ukwunka avoided him. Rather, she slept in a separate room alone claiming that her mother told her not to have sex with any man that she would be disvirgined.

As Abalioma developed interest in Ukwunka, Tọpẹ whom he was cohabitting with packed out because he seemed to like village than urban girl.

When she got home, Tọpẹ told her NYSC member friend about Abalioma’s trait. She disguised like a poor bread seller and sold near Abalioma’s apartment for him.
Coincidentally, Abalioma was driving out and saw Bọngel on his way. He drove out with and wooed her.

As usual, Ukwunka turned down Abalioma’s request for sex. He vowed to retaliate which he did by inviting Bọngel who sat on his laps.
When Ukwunka came, she saw Bọngel speaking in dunce tone and accent. She was introduced to Bọngel as house help which exploded her head. She was even mandated to welcome Bọngel on her knees which dismantled the linen of her stomach. She yelled, “do you think I’m a fool? I have taken much from you.” She rushed out immediately and packed her luggage out of the house.
Abalioma rushed her for apology which she turned down and told him that she was pretending because she wanted his money, that she was a whore. That protruded Abalioma’s heart and he ushered her out of the house.
He also sent Bọngel away for financial and economical proactivity.

As they say, “a biting dog does not stop yawning,” Abalioma went to Mkpụrụmma who was among those he excommunicated.
As soon as he knocked on her door, Mkpụrụmma banged out.

Still pleading, Lucy, Mkpụrụmma’s house help brought a fruit to her mistress.
Abalioma looked at her breast until Mkpụrụmma discovered and abandoned him into the house. He said, “I inherited this lust: I should have gone for deliverance before coming to her.”

thirty-five years later, Abalioma clutched Eighty without a wife. He sat and saw a charming girl and said, “I wish it were those days: good things surface daily.
My people, no girl without fault; just ignore their shortcomings.”