In a particular community, the bride price is dependent on the number of morsel (ball) of foofoo or garri which the bride (new wife) is able to swallow.

As the new wife sits for the food, her parents tell her to swallow much morsel (ball) of food so that they could accept much money from the groom (new husband).
In the same way, her husband’s people tell her to swallow less morsel of food so that they would pay less price.
If you are to advise the wife, what party should she follow? Her husband and his people by swallowing less morsel? Her parents by swallowing much morsel?

Assume you are an aid to the wife, who would you advise her to obey?
Her parents?
Her husband’s people?
What is your choice if you were the girl to be married?
Give reason for your answer.

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