No up is the highest. The place you are is always common to you while where you are not breeds hopes of ends’ meat.

Have you for once asked yourself why agama lizard tour seasonal migration? It is ridiculous to know that what causes it is vivacious eager for butterfly peg. All days surface with new era of hope all to no avail.
Hope is sine qua non to faith. Without faith, one can hardly achieve anything in life. The same is applied to hope.

A christian without hope is like an autobike without engine.
Hope is a driving force that tosses and catapults you to whom you anticipate to be.

Perseverance is hope’s relative. Whatever you are doing, persist on it with hope and see that you shall attain the peak of your desire. Never think that there is better and leave where you are. Even if you cannot persevere, make the unattained circumstance as your second career and not your doorway.

To be frank with you, what leads to failure is not failure itself but fate. Your fate deteriates in vacuum of hope.
What kills HIV/AIDS’ patient is not the virus but scarcity of hope. A hopeful patient can revitalize her immune system with drugs for sustainable living. But who is hopeless could conclude that all hope is dashed out: as such, no way to Damascus.

Life is precious. In any condition you find yourself, confide in God with the hope that all shall be well.
Thank you for making the best of who you are.