Every thing that happens on the earth has reasons. No wonder Eccl 3 says that there is time for every thing. Little can we help to change naturality of the happenings.

Without any poise for doubt, it is evident that men are not the same: some are heads, some are in between head and leg; that is, in the middle, while many are the tails or legs. If you ask me why, who will I ask? If every body must be landlords, who will be tenants? You are complaining because you are not on the apex. Did I hear you say, “why me instead of another person?” That is life for you. Let’s assume you are regretting being a wretch . . . so to say, instead of diving into affluence, who else do you think deserves it? If answer is, “no! But . . .” manage your condition and be the best of who you are.

Meanwhile, naturality and originality are the basis of personality complex. You cannot be yourself and me. So can’t you be yourself and another person. Should you be in the third class of influencial hierarchy, try to achieve popularity from it and see those in the first and second classes longing to be like you. The more you commonize your career, the worst it becomes.
Michael was breeded in a wretched family in Ụmụmba where he left for an urban city, Lagos. He never went with his sizes but hung his bags where his dwarfed hands were unable to fetch them. He went about telling people about his fallacious uncompleted six storeys project. Those who would have helped him to feed mistook him for an affluent guy. He spent fifteen years in Lagos and came empty-handed.

Nkemji is Michael’s younger brother. He boarded to Calabar where he was a wheelbarrow hauler. He wore trousers and shirt but washed them always. Everybody knew he was an orphan.

As nature has it, Nkemji carried a luggage for a man who saw his tattered nature and asked if he was an orphan which he affirmed to. He gave him complimentary card inviting him to his compound.
Getting there, Nkemji was made a manager of steel and iron construction company.

Prior to this, it is better to be the best of who you are.
There is dignity in all labour. Take any menia job and lay down your heart to make it the best.
Shoe making is a lucrative job if embarked by a determined huzzler.

Dream is our problem on earth. That is why many are deceived by prophecies all because they have been having dreams of the prophecied insinuations.
My dear, if you have no bicycle and dream of driving Jeep, it is malaria dream . . . In short, you are suffering cronic typhoid malaria. In this kind of dream, opposite is always the case or it never came to pass at all.
God forbid but whosoever dreams this kind of dream hardly survive hardships of the world.

Foreshow illusion and confront realism. Think your present and little of your future without the past.
Sometimes, the past has great influence to the present and the future. This was because it is the seeds you sowed years past that you are reaping today and will definitely be reaped in future.

Why not use now that your blood is fresh and be a man and stop imagining. Imagination is a friend to hard workers.

For you to come through the epileptic perspectives of the cosmos, ignore nose pokers. If you yearn for their gossips, you will summatively and absolutely visualizing your popular self transcending in coco-filed ingenuity which would end up abrogating your personality criterion via high self esteem dysfunctioning which could finalize catapulting you to successful phobia.

Robbery is a career based on your covenant with God. Are you anxious to know why I inferred God in this? Relax! We believe that evil things are from the devil. Does it mean God cannot create bad thing for purposes? Think of lions and snakes. What good are they to us?
My guy be yourself and stop being indoctrinated.

As I was saying, if you are a robber, rob boldly for God must have purpose for creating you as that. Even from the beginning, there have been spies. They were thieves as well.
Be the best of who you are and stop feigning saintism.

Spare me crucifixion. I did not say you should not try your hands on other things but that it should not be jealously and envious motivated.
The point is that you should maintain originality and not doing because others did.
If you must ignore my advice, be tactic with your success. Turn my advice and I down and let me see a personally debased homo sapien.

I remain yours faithfully, Ezeozuruonye Nwigboji Franklin Opefi.
Always value whatever you do for God has purpose for all the happenings.
I love your undeveloped guts.
Au revoir!