Life is not always as your thought. You may aim here while it aims elsewhere. There are purposes of everything: some are heads, few are tails while many are positionless.

According to a poet, George Herbert, God intentionally Posits pulleies on our ways. They are riches and weariness. Either can draw us close to him.
God has purpose for all he does. That you are rich today does not mean you will remain rich forever. The same is applied to poverty.
As we used to say, “no condition is permanent” this can be when we are not permanent in our lackadaisicality. For condition to be temporal, you have to burn your candles. Work as if the world is getting to an end.

On his view, Professor Chinua Achebe said that the sun shines on those standing before it will shine on squating ones. Though many may be successful, some will succeed before others because they are proactive.

Padding it up, William Shakespeare said that not all that glitter is gold. You may haul to have achieved much only to land at nothing. Not all who brag is rich: A richman does not show up. Never allow yourself to be intimidated by empty cans. They are poised by emptiness.