It is not child’s squick when it comes to the present condition of Nigerians.
A hand shake is even jealously guided to prevent inflation and dearth of strength.

Promises were made, “I will calm Boko Haram in a month, I will increase the workers’ salary, I will revitalize the refineries, NYSC members shall be well paid, I shall build roads, call back Nigerians in diaspora to meet the aborigines, school fees shall be cut for the reach of the poor, all graduates shall be employed, I will wipe your tears, etc.” All these and many more are the promises of elected candidates.

I personally shook the then gubernatorial aspirant and drank with my senatorial aspirant.
As soon as they won the election, their phones hardly go. What a pity!

Who then should be blamed? Of course we are. Our interests were bought with cups of rice, maggi cubes, sacks of salt, etc. What do we expect? The distributor spent his money and has to recover it to our detriment.

Also, we refused to vote for visionary leaders because they were not in our party.

For Nigeria to excel, the descendants must learn to vote personality and not party. If an aspirant who you think he can lead you safely is in APC while you are in PDP, vote for him. This is because a day food can’t satisfy you for ever.
We ate rice during campaign; what is happening now?

When our immediate past leaders were there, there were strikes because they listened but what is happening?

Consequently, we should value what we have. This is because a bird at hand is more than million birds it the bush. We believe that if our brother should get to power, he will be boasting. What is wrong with it? What foolish people.

To be frank with you, if I had wings and a place to fly to, I would have done so long ago.
Willing to bombard me with questions? Who told you that youths are the leaders of tomorrow?
Since my vote does not count, what is its need?
Perhaps, you mean I should fight for the good of my country; what are our representatives and senators voted for? What are they doing there?
My people, it is right time we wake from sleep.

How many times have you heard your senators speak during plenaries? They are “oh yes” members. They are after their monthly pay and not us.
Were they not there when bills were passed? Were they not among the “ye” members?
You may be good at asking questions. Do mean they are the minority? Is there any thing wrong if they can ere their views? Were they ignorant of their minority status when they were promising heaven and earth?

Sequal to the above, corruption is not on the side of the leaders only but also on those they lead.

Ironically, Buhari is fighting corruption when he is promoting it.
How do you expect me to shun corruption when I have nothing to eat.
Consider the lecturers. In Ebonyi state for instance, a senior lecturer is paid fifty thousand naira(#50,000) when a litre of paraffin(kerosene) is two hundred and fifty naira (#250), a litre of premium motor spirit(fuel) is one hundred and fifty naira (#150), a bushel of rice at nine thousand naira(9,000), a car tyre at fifty thousand naira(#50,000), etc. He also pays tax. Why won’t he collect money from students and embezzle the money generated for the state in order to feed his family and himself?
The police is not exceptional. They have stopped checking luggage but in serious need of fifty and hundred naira(#50 and #100) in order to source money and feed their families.

Get me well, I did not say that our leaders are not trying. I depends on the side they are trying.
Let us endure after all they promised to wipe our tears when we were not crying. This means that they will make us to cry.
Change was also promised. We should not complain because change could be positive or negative.
No matter the change, change remains change.

May God help Nigeria in Jesus name.