Many exhaust a million time emulating others. It is the root of our epleptic ways of living.

Something makes you unique. It is the uniqueness in you that makes you unique.

Venture into your desired activity. There are football players. If your mind tells you that you can perform well as a runner, run and see that you will excel.
How you started matters but what matters most is how you ended.

Yes. I think you are not there because someone else was there. Choose one thing special and make special thing from it.

For a start, is there a particular thing called ones destiny?
My dear, any thing you do with willingness and enthusiasm will become your destiny. If you continue with the odd job you do, there will be good results, people will say that it is your destiny.

I spent eleven years at home without being admitted to primary school.
In order to get admitted, i started weaving baskets. My teacher saw my baskets as the best. It was from them that I paid my hand works.
My friends advised me never to leave the work that it was my destiny.

At my secondary level, I started climbing trees. I made huge amount of money from it. I used it to write and made my WAEC.
I intensified the efforts and graduated as an NCE holder.

Go to my place now and see people calling me destined climber.
Many are telling their children to emulate me. Many tried it and failed.

Remember that the same parents who told their children to emulate me were the same parents who abused their children using my name. They told their children that if they didn’t go to school, they would be like me who could only climb.

Meanwhile, i insist that your destiny is in your hand. Destiny is made and not inherited. Work hard and pray for God to assist you to excel.

As a teacher now, my students always tell me that teachers are born and not made. They said I was a destined teacher. They even told me never to leave the profession when I told them that I wanted to read Educational Management.

Your destiny is imbedded in your hands.
Choose one thing and do and wait for God to show you a better way.

Turn down the gossip that one cannot survive without help or charm. Those who say all these are lazy people. I found my fiancé when she was at secondary level of education, many told me to separate from her that her educational level was too low. Their aim was for me to marry who can help in my family. I told them that it is a lazy man that depends on a woman for family upliftment.
The same people are the ones congratulating me for having dated my heartthrob.

Both of us are excelling now. All they say now is that we are magicians. We combinely do what affluent men cannot do.

Your opinion and perception about yourself matters. Allow others to suggest for you and not to decide for you.
Just try and know what you want and pursue it. Pursue one thing at a time and not all at a time.

I remain Nwigboji Franklin Opefi.
Catch you next;
Good luck!