I wonder what the world is getting into. Why does it happen that when your sweat lifted someone up, you would be his worse enemy?








My younger brother, Brutus turned to what I was not expecting from him. Ten years later after when I was sold to Otenkwu as my quasihusband, my brother got employed as an engineer in my state ministry of power. It is a befitting job all are eager for. His project was to see that I was humiliated by Otenkwu. Oh! It’s a sorry story to behold.







I can not really blame Otenkwu for prejudicing me. It was my parents’ fault.
Five years after when I got married to Otenkwu, every thing about me were problems to him: he started by saying I was unable to satisfy him in bed.








Jesus! He’s the sex machine I have ever seen. How could a man demand ten rounds of sex a night? It did not end there. It was always a rough one with what he called styles. I regretted ever getting married to him. Women who have had the experience of rough sex can attest to it. I learnt the lessons of life. I never knew men were so sexually active.

Otenkwu’s high sex demand welcomed another problem to my problems. When we got married at first, I endured his high libido for sex until I could no more bear it. I negotiated six rounds per night but he paid deaf ears to my request.







My attempt to let him know I was human being led to beatings and divorce. He realized he did not woo me but was forced on him because my parents were tired of me. The divorce led me to various places for survival.









Thank God for my son, who God blessed. Eighteen years after when Mr. Toje claimed him, he came to me at Nkpor where I served as a sales girl. We worked together and got some money from which God blessed us with.
The God of an orphan has peculia way of favouring him. My son’s experience reminded me Chinua Achebe’s words: “Those whose palm kernel was cracked to them by benevolent spirit should not laugh at those whose Chi is asleep”.

When my son was returning from work one day, he met one Dr. Donald Smith, an American who called him to inquire his way from him.






My son is really blessed by God. Sometimes, I wonder whether I am his mother. His communication skill is contrary to mine. He speaks eloquently and fluently.
When Dr. Smith called him, his command of English language made him ask his level of education. My son told him he had finished his O’ level. He asked why he did not continue. My son who was then a man told him he was thinking of it. He gave a complimentary card to my son as an invitation to his house. I was moved when he returned and told me he met a white man. I counted my family lucky because I had never thought I would give birth to a son who could impress a white man in his language.

When my son visited Dr. Smith, he sent him back to go and call any of his parents. I breathed the last breath of my life because I thought my enemies were out again for me.
I courageously went to him for I knew my life worthed nothing. I was a moving corpse.

When I got in contact with Dr. Smith, he said, “yah ma’am, how are you? Are you the mother of this guy?” I responded, ‘yes sir’. “I wanna sort things with you. I wanna train up your son to take over my company in Nigeria that was why I sent him to invite you for approval”, he said. My heart was full of joy. I gave him go ahead order. I wonder what he was expecting me to say. Could he be thinking I was going to object it.

It is foolish to rate your tomorrow using yesterday. The sale of NEPA by the federal government of Nigeria left Brutus, my younger brother jobless. The buyer changed the name to PHCN and employed different employees without my brother being enlisted.







He had no other place to go but to come and live with me. I found it difficult to forgive him but my bible was my weakness. The more I remembered how he told Otenkwu to be beating me that I lacked home training was the more I was tempted not to forgive him. He had one day told me that it was because of my stupidity that made my parents not to sponsor me to school. He added that if not because he accepted to be trained, my mysterious birth would have caused my parents great harm.

The emergence of MASSOB and IPOD forced Dr smith to leave Nigeria for Chicago. He handed his company over to my son. Before he left for his country, Dr. Smith left with six workers who were his relations. He told my son to recruit and fill the vacancies. Among the applicants is my son. He is a dubious man. I am afraid he may harm my son if he is employed to work with my son. He may plan against him. It is my worry now.

When I was still suffering under men, the song I liked most was the one that says ‘my tomorrow must be greater than today’. It has actually happened in my life.

Mr. Toje who is now an old man comes to me for help. His children abandoned him alone with his only one survived old wife. There is joy in motherhood.

My first daughter, Ruth is a prestigious graduate of accountancy. She is the only wife of the general manager of the most popular bank in my state. She is a charted accountant with many ministries.








My second daughter, Kate is a philosophical doctor of international relations. She wedded the brother of Dr. Smith. Destiny will be delayed but cannot be denied. Mr. Toje and Otenkwu are now begging me to marry them.

1. Should I accept any of them?
2. Should my son employ my brother and his uncle, Brutus?
3. How do you feel about Otenkwu?