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(Clara’s side of the story continues:)

Scene opens at the governor’s house which looks busy as Clara and Charles get set for the journey that would change their lives forever. Charles looks overly excited while Clara looks very withdrawn. It’s very obvious she isn’t happy at all. She is seen discussing seriously with Vivian
‘’I beg of you dear sister, don’t leave with that bastard. Don’t ruin your happiness. Don’t sacrifice your life like that. You need to be strong and stand your ground my dear,’’ Vivian begged for the umpteenth time but her words made little effect on me. I was very much ready to leave with Charles, very much ready to face any outcome. It was really pointless fighting a lost battle. Perhaps I could even end up loving him, I hoped with all my heart.
‘’you know the situation of things. It’s pointless trying to stop me from leaving. Save the energy my dear’’ I muttered with a smile while Vivian shook her head in despair.

My mother and Charles walked into the room that moment, smiling happily. She drew forward and hugged me while Charles watched with a smile.
‘’my dear, I know you are very nervous. Yes your life is going to change once you step foot in Paris. You are a woman now and I wish you nothing but the best. Your father and I will be in Paris next week for the wedding’’ she breathed happily, kissing my hair.
‘’my dear we have to leave now. Your luggage are all in the car. We have to get going’’ Charles muttered while I breathed deeply.
‘’bye mum, see you in Paris’’ I managed to mutter.

As we left the house and headed to the airport, I couldn’t help but notice two cars following us plus one in the front.
‘’why the long convoy?. You hardly use this much security?, what’s wrong?’’ I asked Charles curiously. He smiled.
‘’many things have changed my dear. I have lots of enemies including your silly boyfriend agent Val. I’m not taking any chances sweety’’ he replied while I sighed and faced the window once again. Of course I was very nervous and anxious at the same time.
‘’my love, check out this tourist magazine. I hope you can still read French or have you forgotten all you learnt in secondary school?’’ he joked after few minutes of silence, dropping a French magazine on my laps.
‘’we will visit the Louvre museum which you know is the most visited art museum in the world. We will take a boat tour of the seine river, we will climb some of the tallest towers in the world. We will visit churches of the last century, plus the classiest restaurants and cinemas. Come on dear you really have to thank me you know’’ he breathed, trying to make me cheer up but I really was far from being happy. Of course the places he mentioned and the pictures in the magazine were quite captivating and the dream of every woman but on the contrary I felt empty. I felt hollow..

Suddenly a loud explosion happened right in front of us, shattering the first car and sending our own car into a gutter. The force of impact almost knocked me out with its pressure. Everywhere instantly became dark as I struggled to get up. I just can’t explain what happened, it was just like a dream. Out of nowhere the car door in charles’s corner was thrown open as a masked man sprayed something inside the car. I instantly lost consciousness.

(Val’s side of the story continues:)

I nervously watched as Charles’ convoy pulled out of the governor’s house and headed towards the airport. I quickly followed, keeping a good distance to avoid being noticed. I was yet to get the necessary order to stop them and I was really getting impatient and worried.
‘’they are on the move sir. They are headed to the airport, should I make my move now?’’ I asked over the radio.
‘’just hold on, Jennifer and her team are yet to make any discovery. Just keep following them’’ the head of operations replied, leaving me hissing with anger.
But then suddenly, a loud explosion took me and my colleagues by surprise as we got to a lonely road leading to the airport, knocking out Charles’s convoy and leaving me with no choice than to apply my brakes with full force, screeching the unit car to a stop as rain of bullets rained from nowhere on Charles’s convoy, leaving his bodyguards with little or no cover to return fire.
The attackers never noticed I and my team, giving us the opportunity to take good cover and fire our F2000 rifles in quick succession, but unfortunately it made no difference to the attackers who were more prepared and probably military trained. Three smoke grenades were instantly thrown towards our direction, blinding our view as we held fire and took cover.

A minute later, everywhere was silent. We cautiously approached Charles’s convoys which were now nothing but piles of wrangled metals. The four cars took quite a hit as if they were fired at by a six pounder or an armoured tank. I nervously got to the second car which the rear right door was surprisingly open.
I peeped in to see only Charles lying face first on the back headrest of the front seat, struggling to get out of the car. I quickly pulled him out while searching for Clara at the same time but unfortunately she wasn’t in the car.
‘’where is Clara you bastard?’’ I screamed.
‘’I guess she’s with the devil?’’ he replied, spitting out blood.
‘’what do you mean she’s with the devil?, who’s the devil and where can I find him?’’ I screamed with frustration as I made to hit him with my F2000 but was held back by my colleagues.
‘’I don’t know where he is. You don’t find the devil, the devil finds you,’’ Charles breathed, spitting out blood as he struggled to stand on his feet. His reply got me angry, yes very angry. Of course I knew he was trying to play smart.
‘’how many men were there? What did you see?’’ I asked.
‘’ I saw nothing. When my car took the hit I was knocked out and when I regained consciousness you showed up. I saw nothing and you have to let me go check out myself. You can see my men and I are in bad shape’’ he muttered quickly, looking around nervously. More police patrol units showed up that moment to take over the scene.
‘’you are coming with us to our office. You have a lot to answer my friend and you are going nowhere’’ I replied with a smile as I nodded to my two colleagues who quickly bundled him into our waiting truck while he struggled to free himself.
‘’This is not the end Val. You are abusing my rights and you will pay. Trust me,’’ he protested. I breathed deeply as I listened to his ranting. I sure knew there was a big battle ahead. I felt finding Clara would never be easy and could bring up a lot of hidden secrets or even more bloodshed.

(Clara’s side of the story continues:)

I opened my eyes to find myself in a moving vehicle; I instantly tried to sit up but discovered that I was tightly tied up. Just that moment one of my captors drew close, smiled and placed a wet piece of cloth over my nose. I lost consciousness once again.

I slowly opened my eyes once more to find myself in a neatly furnished room. I wasn’t tied up this time and I couldn’t really tell how long I was out. I slowly sat up, feeling slight headache as the events of the day played back in my head bringing up tears in my eyes. Deep down I hoped that it was Charles that kidnapped me again but then I knew he had no hand in it this time.
‘’Dear lord what is happening?, why are all these bad things happening to me? What have I done?’’ I sobbed as I wondered what my fate would be in the hands of my captors. I couldn’t think straight. I just didn’t know what to expect. Of course I was terribly terrified.

Minutes later, an old man with white beards walked into the room with a middle aged lady who was dressed like a nurse. The old man limped in one leg and carried a walking stick to aid his movement. He looked about sixty five years old or so. I drew back with fear as I saw the two adults approached me.
‘’what do you want from me?’’ I screamed with all the energy I had left. The old man smiled.
‘’Finally I meet the adopted daughter of Imo state governor,’’ he chuckled while my heart pounded
furiously as I wondered the meaning of his words.
‘’I could be your biological father you know?’’ he added, licking his lips as he studied me.
‘’oh forgive my manners, you can call me Mr. Patrick but everyone calls me Donpatric, the most ruthless business man in the east’’ he introduced himself while I eyed him.
‘’dinner comes up at 7pm which is just few minutes away. Roselyn will check you out and help you to prepare’’ he added, nodded politely and headed out, leaving the nurse alone with me.
‘’please what’s happening? Why am I here?’’ I nervously cried, Roselyn drew close and sat on my bed.
‘’Madam I advise you stop crying and accept your fate here. Be nice to Donpatric so that your stay here will be okay. There is nowhere you are leaving this fortress without his approval. I advise you calm down madam’’ she advised seriously.

Few minutes later, I was led to the sitting room where I reluctantly joined Donpatric
at the table.
‘’why am I here?’’ I bravely asked, as the housekeeper served my food.
‘’relax my dear; you know my castle has been very lonely and uneventful for quite some time now and it’s really a privilege having you around. These days I hardly go out. I’m confined in this house and that’s life. I have evaded the authorities for thirty five years and yes that’s quite a
feat. Tomorrow morning we can go horse riding, hope you like horses?’’ he replied and asked, avoiding my question.
‘’please why am I here?’’ I asked once again
‘’when your fiancé came running to me, wanting to be a man, wanting to prove himself to his rich fat father, I took him in. I nurtured him. I made him a man. I made him very rich but one thing I asked him not to do in order not to implicate everyone in the family, he refused and went against the rules. Yes you are here my dear because of Charles and you are going to be here a long, long time. Your boyfriend is very ambitious. So brace yourself my dear,’’ he finally answered with a smile while my heart froze as his words played over and over in my head.
‘’I know you have questions. I know you need answers to everything your parents has been hiding from you?. Just act like a good girl and I will act like your father okay?. Now eat your food.’’ he commanded while I nervously stared at the food before me. Yes I wasn’t happy leaving for Paris with Charles but then I would have preferred being in Paris than being held captive by a strange man who claimed to know all.

New scene opens showing Charles seated across a table facing senior special agent Bola at the DSS office. Agent Val is seen standing behind the senior agent.

(Val’s side of the story continues:)

‘’You know I really thought I was brought in here for questioning over the attempt on my life and my fiancée’s disappearance but I’m very surprised that all you guys care about right now is the huge amount of money found in my house. This is ridiculous. This is the height of irresponsibility. I don’t think keeping my hard earned money in my house is a crime. I’m not a government employee. I’m not a public office holder and you are not the EFCC for Christ sake. I don’t owe you guys any explanation and if you don’t find my fiancée before the next hour I will be the one to sue you guys’’ Charles threatened confidentlyas senior agent Bola brought up the money laundering charge. There wasn’t any doubt he was having a hard time with Charles. Yes the department already knew holding him over the huge amount of money found stashed in his house wasn’t going to hold ground unless we could get the required evidence to link the money with drugs. We merely used the money laundering charge to detain him for questioning but by the look of things he was way smarter and intelligent than we thought.
‘’you know this man?’’ agent Bola softly asked, pushing forward the sketch of Donpatric to him. He stared at the drawing for some seconds while we anxiously waited for his reply because we knew we could hold him on it, either way his reply went.
‘’Hmmmm I’m not saying anything anymore till my lawyer gets in here’’ he finally answered, folding his hands and dashing our hopes.
‘’Your fiancée’s life could be in danger Mr. Charles and you are here trying to play mind games with us. You better cooperate; nothing is going to stop you from going down. So do the honorable
thing by talking to us and possibly saving the life of your woman. I hope you know she’s the governor’s daughter; moreover we already have very strong confession from one of your people and we have strong reason to believe that you know how to find your attackers. Everything is all linked up to the money, the man on this drawing and your shady dealings’’ agent bola pushed on while he scoffed. ‘’the more you are wasting my time asking irrelevant questions, you are putting my fiancée in harm’s way. If you really have everything you need against me, why questioning me then. Simply take me to court and charge me’’ he replied scornfully, leaving agent Bola with no choice than to bang his fist on the table in frustration. Out of anger he got up and left the room. I quickly followed him. Just outside the room, the state director was waiting with a frown on his face.
‘’I just got a call from headquarters. I’m afraid we will have to let him go. We have his travel documents and money. He won’t be going anywhere’’ he said to agent Bola who breathed deeply and shrugged.
‘’you can handle that Val’’ he ordered and walked away while I headed back to the room to meet Charles who was all smiles.
‘’I guess the senior agent won’t be coming back. Am I free to go now?’’ he asked
‘’yes you can leave but we will keep your money and travel documents. Mind you we are watching your every move’’ I replied with a fake smile.
‘’okay I guess I will have to come back for my money. Seriously you guys don’t know that some things are bigger than your payroll. As for you Val, be careful with how you interfere in my business’’ he threatened and stood up.

(Vivian’s side of the story continues:)

The news of Clara’s kidnap blew in like the harmattan wind late that fateful morning. At first I couldn’t believe it but after dialing Clara’s number which failed to connect I just didn’t know what to make of it. A part of me felt it was one of Charles’s tricks. I nervously waited for more news like a patient rat waiting for nightfall.

Few hours later, Charles walked into the house and headed straight to the sitting room where Clara’s mother has been all morning with some of her friends. I sighed as I watched him from my room window, wondering whether to confront him or not. Luckily I didn’t have to wait long before the first lady and Charles climbed the stairs and headed to the sitting room upstairs which was a bit close to my room. I quickly left my room and headed out to eavesdrop. Fortunately the sitting room door was very much open, giving me the opportunity to even peep on the two adults who were seriously discussing.
‘’Don’t worry mum, I will get your daughter back. I promise you that. I’m sure Donpatric has her and I just pray the old man doesn’t open his dirty mouth to tell her everything. The man is really a pain in the neck and we will have to get rid of him or else he could end up blowing out a lot of things and smearing our dear governor’s image’’ he assured the first lady.
‘’what exactly does he want?. We haven’t heard from him for ages. My husband broke up ties with him long before joining politics. Charles are you really sure this has nothing to do with you or your business with him?’’ she asked him seriously while I listened and watched. Charles poured himself a shot of whiskey, breathed deeply and faced the worried woman.
‘’I will get your daughter back her Excellency. I will get rid of Donpatric once and for all before he destroys everyone of us,’’ he assured her while my heart froze with great fear.
‘’what exactly is going on?’’ I pondered over and over.

(Clara’s side of the story continues:)

[Clara is seen horse riding with Donpatric who rode behind her, smiling confidently]

‘’You remind me of so many things my dear. You remind me of good old times but unfortunately
good things never last’’ Donpatric breathed, riding closer to me while I nervously tried to control my horse. Even though I was a very fast learner, I couldn’t really believe I could ride such a big animal on my own after few attempts.
‘’you are a very strong and beautiful girl Clara, no wonder you are driving Charles crazy’’ he praised. I stared at him curiously.
‘’why are you against my relationship with Charles?’’ I curiously asked. He breathed deeply.
‘’that’s a story for another day my dear. I bet you will get tired of my stories’’ he promised while I scoffed and shook my head.
‘’Anyway my story is really a long one. I lost my parents during the civil war when I was barely fifteen years old. My dad was a Biafran soldier who died at Nsukka war front. He died for what he believed in. He died saving Nsukka from the Nigerian army invasion. My mother, my good old woman died at Okigwe when the Nigerian army surrounded the town. My only uncle died helping us escape to Okwelle. He pushed back a whole company of soldiers with his Dane gun while we ran towards Okwelle. Of course we never heard from him again. He definitely died’’ the old man narrated, stopping briefly while I nodded for him to continue.
‘’after the civil war, I had no one to run to, no family to help out and no relative to look up on. There wasn’t any job, I had no education, and my life was just empty. I gave up on life and did some terrible things just to get enough money to head to Lagos.

On getting to Lagos I upgraded my life of crime and built an empire. I made lots of money doing what no one would do and here I’m living well. Yes I regret a lot of things and I equally made lots of terrible mistakes. But the thing I regret the most was the young sales girl I raped and impregnated for no just reason. . . Don’t look at me that way my dear. Of course I took responsibility but she died giving birth to the baby and I had no choice than to play a very dirty trick with a friend just to ensure that the young child had the best care and family’’ he stopped while I silently waited for him to continue but he said nothing else.
‘’so the child, does he or she know about you?’’ I asked. He shrugged.
‘’no she doesn’t and it’s better that way. Moreover I have a wife and three kids in London’’ he added with a smile. Somehow I was getting a bit comfortable with him and his reason for not wanting Charles to be with me was another thing that kept bugging my mind.
‘’I know what you are thinking right now, but don’t worry I still have many stories to share’’ he promised and carefully got down from his horse while I breathed deeply.

(Val’s side of the story continues:)

[Later that same evening]

‘’I am so worried for Clara. I don’t even know if she’s still alive. We just have nothing and no one is talking, not even her mother is showing enough concern,’’ I breathed in frustration as I fell on my bed while Jennifer smiled and watched me.
‘’just relax, we have two agents watching Charles every minute. It’s just a matter of time before he leads us to Clara or to her abductors’’ she assured me confidently.
‘’I just can’t wait. I just can’t wait’’ I breathed desperately. She smiled, drew closer and pulled off her top, revealing her bosoms which were tightly held by her bra. My eyes almost popped out with surprise.
‘’How about we get busy?’’ she suggested, jumping on me like a wild cat.

Meanwhile just at the outskirts of the town, the two agents sent to watch over Charles are seen lying unconscious in their car while Charles and his men are seen heading out of town in a convoy of thirty trucks.

At the governor’s mansion, Vivian is seen looking out of her window and crying silently while the governor’s wife is seen at her bedroom kneeling and reciting the holy rosary with a chaplet she held on her right hand,

At Donpatric’s castle, Clara is seen lying quietly in her room in deep thoughts, but suddenly she jumps up and heads to the toilet to throw up. She couldn’t help but wonder why she had been throwing up all day with fear written over her as something struck in her mind, while at the other side of the castle, Donpatric is seen smoking a big cigar at his large balcony as he gazed at
the stars. There wasn’t any doubt he already knew Charles was on his way. A battle between two men lies ahead. Only one of them could end up surviving.

(Clara’s side of the story continues:)

‘’No you are not going to die, be strong. You are yet to finish your story. You are a strong man’’ I begged Donpatric desperately as I tried to stop his bleeding the little way I could.
‘’it’s pointless my dear, just go to your father or your mother and urge anyone of them to finish my story for you. I have no reason to continue living. Even if I survive this, I will spend the rest of my life in prison and its better I die this honorable way than set my foot in jail. Good bye my dear’’ he struggled to breathe while I shook my head in desperation.
Two police officers ran towards us that moment, kneeling beside him to see if they could help but they came a little too late. Donpatric gave out a deep yawn, fell back and laid still.
‘’he’s dead’’ the first officer breathed, quickly radioing for more backup and ambulance.
‘’you have to come with us to the patrol car, you will be safe there’’ the second officer said with a smile, helping me to my feet.

(Val’s side of the story continues”)

I arrived Donpatric’s huge fortress with almost all available agents in the state at exactly 3:30am to meet a very horrible scene. Piles of dead bodies were just arranged at the front of the compound like stockfish. It was so, so horrific and I couldn’t help but imagine what the first police officers to get there passed through.
The police chief in charge of the area was at the gate to welcome us and of course I knew he was very much relieved to hand over the situation to us.
‘’seventeen men died, twelve more critically injured. A handful escaped. Plus two more dead men at the backyard. I haven’t seen so much bloodshed in my fifteen years of service’’ the police chief said to us as he lead our team into the building. My heart couldn’t help but pound loud as I wondered if Clara was safe or not.
‘’were you able to come across any young lady?’’ I managed to ask when we got to the backyard to see Charles’s body lying beside an old man identified as Donpatric. Seriously with the sketch we had on Donpatric we thought he was a young man and perhaps that was the reason he had been able to go undetected for a long while.
‘’yes we found three young women in the house. We took them to the station since none of them appeared hurt’’ the police chief replied, giving me great hope.

It really was quite a tasking job, taking over the crime scene, searching the corpses and ransacking the house. Of course the death of Donpatric and Charles brought the ongoing drug case came to an abrupt end. I really didn’t know whether to be happy or disappointed about it. It was an ending no one ever imagined for both men.
As we prepared to leave the crime scene later that morning, the news confirming Clara’s safety was whispered to me by Jennifer. But unfortunately for me I wasn’t able to meet her that morning due to my assignment and by the time I was free, the state director already had taken her from the police station to the governor’s lodge.

‘’I guess this was never the ending you wanted?’’ Jennifer asked with a smile as we headed back to town hours later. I smiled and shrugged, unable to say anything. The horrible scene I witnessed in Donpatric’s house really was something that failed to leave my memory and I couldn’t help but imagine how much the young men that died were paid in the first place.
‘’Val I have another news I have been holding back all these while’’ she added, drawing my attention.
‘’the state director requested you be transferred with immediate effect once the drug case is solved. With the way I’m seeing things now you might not be spending much time in Owerri’’ she muttered while I kept quiet. Yes there was really nothing to say. All that was in my head that moment was to see Clara, to talk to her, to caress her, to kiss her. I guess Jennifer noticed it too and never said another word for the rest of the journey.

All through that day I dialed Clara’s number over and over but it never went through and I couldn’t get myself to head to the governor’s mansion because I knew how disastrous it could be for me.
‘’oh my Clara!’’ I whinned.

(Clara’s side of the story continues:)

Yes I felt relieved getting home safely that morning after a mind blowing experience in Donpatric’s house. Of course my head was filled with questions and I had a lot to ask my parents concerning their relationship with him. Deep down I really felt my parents could be responsible for the massacre that happened over there. Yes I knew how powerful the office of the governor could be and I felt perhaps Dad sponsored the whole shootout just to clean up the mess and disgrace that could have befallen everyone. I never knew Charles to be someone who could put his life on the line for someone in such manner and I kind of felt he was used as the sacrificial lamb. My head was just confused. I really didn’t know what to believe.

Mum and dad were at the house to welcome me, but the fear in their eyes easily gave them out. I could tell they were hiding a whole lot of things
‘’God brought you back to us my dear. Thank you God.’’ mum screamed with tears of joy as she hugged and kissed my hair. Dad equally drew forward to hug us together. No matter their short comings, I was sure of one thing. I was sure of their love. They had never treated me badly nor given me reason to think otherwise, which kind of made it sickening to think that I could be an adopted daughter, like Donpatric addressed me.
‘’mum, dad we need to talk. We need to talk now’’ I breathed seriously.
‘’you need to first get some rest my dear’’ dad begged.
‘’no we need to talk now’’ I insisted.
‘’fine let’s go to my room then’’ he muttered in resignation.

On getting to his room, I quickly stopped and faced him and mum with a strong face. It wasn’t really easy asking what I had in mind but I had to do it no matter the pain it caused me.
‘’Donpatric said you guys were friends. He equally told me that I was adopted. Is it true mum?, is it true dad?. Was I adopted??’’ I asked with great energy while my mum instantly sat down on a sofa and buried her face with her palms.
‘’for the love of God what is this madness?, why do you want to break your poor mother’s heart?’’ Dad asked, breathing deeply.
‘’I just want to know the truth dad?’’ I fired back.
‘’close your eyes and think, go back to when you were a little kid, go back to your first memories. Who was the first woman you saw her face. Who was the woman that prepared your tea every morning?, that bought you your first bicycle and thought you how to ride it?, were you not there with her when your other siblings were born. Who has been the lady of the house all these while?, what happened to you over there?’’ he screamed with anger while I brought down my face still confused. Yes I had no reason to believe Donpatric over my parents but, but I just was confused.
Vivian ran into the room that moment, breaking down the tension with her presence..
‘’Clara is doubting us, I don’t know what happened to her over there’’ dad quickly reported to Vivian who hugged me with a very worried look.
‘’did Donpatric play with your mind in his house?’’ She curiously asked me.
‘’I don’t know. I don’t know’’ I broke down in tears.
‘’I demand you apologize to your mother right now’’ dad ordered while I hesitantly stared at mum, not exactly knowing if to obey the order or not.
‘’apologize to your mum dear,’’ Vivian begged, grabbing my hand and leading me close to my mother who still had her face buried in her palms. I knelt beside her and softly brought up her face to look into her eyes.
‘’I’m so sorry mother for making you feel bad’’ I softly apologized but she surprisingly shook her head while her eyes lit up.
‘’you need the truth? Of course I will give you the truth you need’’ she hotly breathed, throwing me off balance with her outburst..
‘’your biological father is a rapist, a murderer, a drug dealer. Yes Donpatric is your biological father but we never got to know till few years ago, before your father joined politics’’ she suddenly fired, pushing me back with her words.
‘’you appeared in my life when I was having problems with my marriage, when things were very tough for us. I found you in a small basket in front of our gate crying helplessly. We took you in with great joy, not minding the problems we were having and everything changed afterwards for us. Donpatric showed up that period and helped turn life around for us. But he never told us he was your father nor gave out any reason for us to suspect such a thing till few years ago when we learnt the whole story of how he raped and killed a poor sales girl who gave birth to you. We kept the story from you for your best interest; for your happiness and I bet you would have done the same if you were in my shoes. My dear we gave you love, care and great attention. We gave you the best education. A mother isn’t one who gives birth to a child but one who cares and raises a child. If you feel that I’m no longer your mother. That’s fine by me, you can start calling me by my name,’’ she poured out, breaking down in tears while my father nervously walked out of the room without saying a thing.
‘’mum, you are still my mother. I still very much love you. I love you mum. All I needed was just to know the truth and nothing more,’’ I cried, hugging her softly.
Yes the story really hurt me. I couldn’t help imagining that I was never her blood. It was very painful and I really didn’t know how to relate with my siblings once the news gets to them. Luckily I was now an adult.
Vivian simply stood motionless, watching the drama.

[7:30pm in my room]

‘’come on, you can’t leave the house on your own by this hour. It’s very dangerous’’ Vivian begged for the umpteenth time but my mind was really made up. I really needed to catch some fresh air. I really needed to be with Val all through the night to see if I could get over the feelings I was having. Moreover we equally had some making up and planning’s to do.
‘’I want to be with Val this evening. I want to surprise him with my presence. He’s the only one that can cure the terrible headache I’m having right now’’ I opened up to her, leaving a knowing smile on her pretty face.
‘’Hmmmm I smell something’’ she mused.
‘’moreover I think I’m pregnant and he needs to know’’ I added while she rolled her eyes.
‘’Huh?, okay but do you know how to get to his house on your own? Should I help out?’’ she asked curiously.

At exactly 8pm, I got to Val’s apartment and nervously knocked. My heart kind of pounded very hard and fast as if it was the first time I was meeting him. Yes we really had a lot to discuss and I could tell it was going to be a long and interesting night for us. Leaving the governor’s mansion wasn’t really easy for me and it was a miracle I finally left on my own, thanks to Vivian’s help.
Two minutes later, the apartment door opened but instead of seeing Val, I stood face to face with agent Jennifer who was overly shocked to see me. Her dressing really showed that she wasn’t just visiting because she was wearing a semi transparent singlet with no bra and a bum short. My heart felt like exploding. I was just so short of words.
‘’Clara!!!!!!!’’ she screamed with surprise, heightening the tension between us. I simply gave her a long look, turned and headed out of the house, straight to my car, of course with tears in my eyes, with a broken heart.

As I unlocked my car door, Val came running towards me.
‘’Clara my love, I beg of you stop,’’ he begged, reaching to me before I could get into the car but it earned him nothing but two sharp slaps from me. I instantly jumped into my car and furiously drove home with tears that poured down from my eyes.

I made up my mind that very evening to leave Nigeria as soon as possible, away from everything. My baby could end up growing without a father.

(Vivian’s side of the story continues:)

I was busy talking with my sweetheart Chinedu on phone, discussing the future and making new plans with him when Clara suddenly barged into my room with tears in her eyes, really shocking me so much with her presence. I wasn’t expecting to see her so soon or even that night. One look at her as she fell on my bed told me all was far from well.
‘’I will call you back sweety, have to go now,’’ I nervously said to Chindeu, abruptly ending our conversation to face Clara who buried her head in my pillow crying like a little child.
‘’what happened?, what’s wrong dear?’’ I curiously asked, drawing close to touch her shoulder.
‘’I met her there; Jenifer the agent, I met her there,’’ she sobbed while I rolled my eyes and breathed deeply, so shocked to think straight.
‘’you saw her there and what?, she’s his colleague you know’’ I breathed softly, trying hard not to look silly.
‘’what do you mean?, what time of the day is it?, she was virtually naked when she opened the door for me. You need to see how surprised she was seeing me. I don’t know how long they have
been sleeping together, or even living together. Why was I so blind?’’ she complained. I drew a little bit back, not exactly knowing the right words to use in consoling her. Yes I knew Val loved her, he virtually rejected me for her and so her story kind of shook me up. I really didn’t know how to react.
‘’so what did Val say?’’ I fearfully asked. She sat up, faced me and scoffed.
‘’I didn’t give him the chance to say anything. I didn’t give him the chance to lie. What would he have said huh?’’ she fired back with great energy.
‘’oh dear’’ I breathed with concern
‘’I will be leaving for Lagos tomorrow evening, from there I will head to Abuja and then leave Nigeria. My head is just filled up. First it was the painful discovery of my real identity and then this. I just need to leave the country and face my life’’ she sobbed bitterly.
‘’you have to calm down and think things through. He’s still going to be the father of your baby and I think its better you talk to him before leaving. Yes I’m not saying that he did well by keeping
another lady in his house by this hour of the day but for the sake of your unborn child just talk to him’’ I softly begged, drawing out a cold stare from her with my words.
‘’you know I was mad at my parents for holding back the truth about my real father but now I see things differently. I now understand why they did that. I will leave Nigeria and start all over again. Val will never see my baby’’ she breathed seriously while I closed my eyes and shook my head. I knew she really passed through a lot to stick with Val and it was kind of disheartening to learn that the same guy was cheating at the last minute. However as my sister, I had an obligation to do something to save her happiness. I had to do something I never planned doing. I had to call Val and hear his side of the story. I had to talk to him.

(Val’s side of the story continues:)

I was close to tears as I headed back to my apartment that fateful evening after failing to talk with Clara, to convince her that Jennifer and I had nothing going on. She really gave me no chance to explain myself, no listening ear, nothing. Of course I knew it was my entire fault. She had every reason to conclude things the way she did, but then nothing ruins a relationship than rushing into conclusions without giving your partner the opportunity to explain things .

I returned to my sitting room to see Jennifer staring at me with a worried look.
‘’I’m sorry Val, it wasn’t my fault you know? I never knew she was the one at the door’’ she tried to apologize but I simply eyed her and headed to my room, locking the door quickly to avoid her
coming in. I was shattered. I was broken. Deep down I was scared of what life had in store for me.

I was still battling with my thoughts when my phone rang and it was Vivian calling. I quickly answered her call with a fast pounding heart.
‘’what did you do?. Why did you break the heart of a woman who loves you so much, why Val?’’ she asked, pushing out tears from my eyes with the question. How do I explain things?. No one would believe that I had nothing to do with a very beautiful colleague seen at my apartment scantily dressed at that period of the day. I knew explaining myself was going to be difficult. It was really my fault for not telling Clara about her presence when I had the chance. But I couldn’t tell her back then because of my fears and the situation of things.
‘’Clara is leaving Nigeria. I will be escorting her to the airport tomorrow evening to catch a flight to Lagos. You have to think out of the box if you still want her back. This could be your last opportunity of ever seeing her. I’m not doing this for you but for her’’ she informed me and hung up.

Very early the next day, I headed to Jennifer’s room to talk to her. It was an idea that got into my head during the night and I prayed for it to work. Jennifer appeared very surprised to see me in her room that early in the day. She quickly sat up and stared at me.
‘’hope you are not here to throw me out of your apartment. I’m sorry over what happened. I never knew she was the one knocking’’ she hurriedly tried to explain while I sat beside her on
the bed.
‘’if you are really sorry over what happened, then you have to help me. I need your help’’ I softly begged.
‘’my help? How ?’’ she curiously asked.
‘’I need you to help me convince Clara that we had nothing going on between us. You are a woman like her and she will believe you easily. Please help me. I don’t want to lose her. She’s leaving the country and this could be my only chance’’ I begged seriously. She dropped her eyes.
‘’I really don’t know how else to convince you that Clara doesn’t fit you in any way. She has no manners. She’s too proud. She has no listening ear. Come on’’ she quickly breathed.
‘’just help me. I beg of you’’ I helplessly begged.
‘’No I can’t Val, I won’t bring down myself for that over pampered girl. You can kick me out of your house if you want. Nothing is going to change my mind. I’m sorry’’ she replied defiantly, while I
bit my lips in frustration.
‘’She’s taking the 4pm flight to Lagos today and this is my only chance’’ I begged once again.
‘’Good for you’’ she hissed and headed to the toilet.

By 3:30pm that fateful evening, I was already at the airport all alone waiting for Clara and her cousin to show up. My heart couldn’t help but pound very fast. I couldn’t afford losing her for

At exactly 3:58pm, I felt someone’s touch from behind; I turned to see Jennifer smiling at me. I couldn’t believe my eyes.
‘’I’m here to help you Val even though she doesn’t deserve your love’’ she poured out softly, melting my already weak heart with her words.

Hmmmm between Clara and Jennifer who do you think loves Val
most? But for the last time Val, do you think you can cope up with Clara. Forget about the hormones raging in your body now. Can you cope with her for the rest of your life? You have a tasking job and your lifestyle is very much different from hers’’ Jennifer pleased seriously. I smiled and held her shoulders.
‘’I’m in love with Clara and that’s all that matters to me. Just help me get her back and I will be indebted to you for the rest of my life’’ I pleaded. She rolled her eyes and shrugged in resignation.
‘’I already tried my best to open your eyes to reality. Don’t come crying to me in few years time’’ she breathed with a smile.

Together we headed to a small shop where we enjoyed some snacks as we waited for Clara and Vivian to arrive. It wasn’t long before they showed up in a black Toyota SUV. I made the sign of the cross as I nervously got up. Jennifer smiled and got up as well. I bet she understood what I was passing through that moment.

A female officer was busy bringing out Clara’s luggage from the car trunk while she and Vivian stood a distance away discussing as we approached. Before we could get to
them, Clara spotted us and quickly headed away from her cousin. I increased my pace while Jennifer struggled to catch up with me. In no time I got to Clara, grabbing her left hand to stop her from moving further away.
‘’I beg of you listen to me my dear’’ I quickly begged as she struggled to snatch her hand from my grasp. Jennifer caught up with us with a smile on her face while Clara gave her a suspicious look
‘’Miss Clara you are lucky to have a guy like Val who loves you with all his heart. I was shocked over how you acted yesterday on seeing me in his house. Val and I are just colleagues and nothing more. I’m only squatting at his apartment because I have no house in this city and I’m on a temporal assignment. You have to trust him if you really want your relationship to last. He is a
federal agent and you should know by now what to expect by being with him. You can’t imagine how much he begged me, how much he brought himself down just to beg me to come help him save his relationship. Do you really deserve such a good guy? Yes I really do want him for
myself but unfortunately you are the one he wants to be with,’’ Jenifer softly addressed her, getting all her attention. Her face slowly changed as she stared at Jennifer with remorse in her
‘’hasty conclusions most times gets one into trouble. Val loves you and you have to make up with him and equally apologize to him’’ she concluded, smiled and walked away, leaving Clara stunned as she stared into thin air. I bet she wasn’t expecting such words from Jennifer. Yes I equally wasn’t expecting all that from Jennifer. Deep down in my heart I thanked her a hundred times
‘’Clara my love,’’ I breathed drawing closer to her. She slowly faced me, looked into my eyes for some seconds before hugging me, sobbing on my chest.
‘’I’m so sorry Val. I was just confused. I have been through a whole lot. My heart, my head everything hurts. I’m sorry for doubting you’’ she apologized with great energy. Vivian walked up to us, smiling. ‘’I don’t need to ask if you are still travelling or not. In fact its better I don’t know. I’m leaving right away with the officer that accompanied us’’ she softly said to Clara while I smiled back at her.
‘’Thank you Vivian for helping me get her back’’ I breathed with all my heart.
‘’Just take care of her and never give her the opportunity to doubt you ever again’’ she replied, turned and walked away, leaving Clara and I all alone.
‘’so are you still travelling out of the country and leaving me all alone?’’ I asked.
‘’I don’t know, do you want me to stay back?’’ she asked back, bringing up her face to look into my eyes.
‘’Yes yes yes, stay with me. In fact we can go back to my apartment together. No one will know, come on dear’’ I begged.
‘’yes we really do have a lot to talk about’’ she accepted with a smile.

On getting to my apartment the first thing we did was tear each other apart and made great love. Yes we badly needed it and we dug at each other the way we had never done before. We devoured, ate and tore each other as if our lives depended on it and yes of course our lives depended on what we felt for each other, what we had for each other. We really passed through a lot to get to this stage. We fought a lot of battles, took risks and came out stronger.

‘’Oh Val I love you very much’’ Clara breathed later in the evening after another round of hot sex. It was the fourth time we were doing it that very evening and yet we still needed more of it. The passion in her eyes was so intense and revealing.
‘’It’s almost 9pm now and I have many things to tell you’’ she solemnly breathed, sitting up on the bed. I quickly sat up to hold her.
‘’first I’m pregnant and we have to figure out a way to make my parents like you’’ she opened up, leaving my heart melting with more joy.
‘’can you also believe I was adopted?. . . just calm down and listen to all that happened over the past few days. That really was why I got so upset yesterday when I saw Jennifer in your apartment. I’m still emotionally weak,’’ she opened up, slowly narrating all that went down in Donpatric’s house, plus her mother’s confession. My ears and head were so filled up with her story. It was too much, really too much.
‘’well no matter what, the first lady is still your mother and I agree that a mother isn’t the one who gave birth to a child but the one who cared, fed and nurtured the child,’’ I managed to mutter when she was done with her story. She smiled and dropped her eyes.
‘’but we still have one problem. My mother doesn’t like you and we have to find a way to change her heart. She’s very powerful in her own way.’’ she added, bringing up her eyes to meet my gaze. Just that moment, her new phone rang, gaining our attention. She
slowly reached for the phone and breathed deeply.
‘’its mum’’ she said with a smile, accepting the call and turning the loud speaker on. ‘’Clara what has gotten into you?,
why plan with your cousin to deceive and lie to us that you are travelling to Lagos while you only wanted to go spend time with that small boy, that young agent that is set to take advantage of you and your fortune huh?’’ she barked, leaving her extremely surprised which she probably sensed.
‘’you think I will take chances again after what happened with you and Charles huh?. I assigned some detectives to watch you every hour of the day and yes I was merciful enough to allow you be in his house till this time, now get up and head to the gate. A police patrol car is outside waiting for you. In case you feel like disobeying me, I will be down there myself to take you home’’ she ordered over the phone while Clara angrily ended the call and faced me with fear in her eyes. ‘’what do we do?, I have to go now?’’ she stammered.
‘’It’s time I talk to your mother. You are going nowhere tonight’’ I insisted.
‘’come on Val, that’s not a good idea?’’ she protested
‘’I don’t know but we have to defy her tonight. She can’t ruin this moment for us’’ I breathed strongly.
‘’so I should disobey my mother to obey you?’’ she asked with a soft smile.

(Clara’s side of the story continues:)

I was so happy making up with Val, so happy to be in his arms. I had this insatiable urge of making love with him over and over and yes he never disappointed me. He gave it to me the way I wanted, leaving my entire body burning hot with desire and love. But unfortunately my mother’s unexpected phone call nearly spoilt my mood, everything.
‘’yes disobey your mother this one night for me’’ Val pleaded, dropping a soft kiss on my lips. I trembled as I felt the hotness.
‘’what if she follows her threat and barges in here?’’ I asked curiously.
‘’do you think she can go that far?’’ he breathed with concern
‘’hmmmm I don’t know but her disdain for you could make her but don’t worry I will give her a call and talk to her’’ I suddenly promised, dialing mum’s number without hesitation. It was something I never planned doing but had to do it if I was to spend the night with him.
‘’why are you calling me?’’ mum harshly asked as soon as she picked my call.
‘’dear mum I have always given you the ultimate respect and admiration. Please don’t spoil tonight for me. Allow me to stay this one night with Val. I’m an adult. I know what is good for me.
By tomorrow I will be back in the house, you can deal with me, you can kill me, you can do anything to me but please allow me this one night to be with the man I love. Val is a good person. I beg of you mother.’’ I desperately begged while she kept quiet for a while.
‘’so you are begging me to approve of this insanity?’’ she asked.
‘’yes mum I beg of you. It’s for my happiness; it’s for my well being. This is what I want. Don’t tell me you don’t understand how I feel right now, come on mum.’’ I pleaded desperately.
‘’be home by 6am’’ she muttered and abruptly ended the call while I heaved a sigh of relief and smiled, holding Val tightly.
‘’let’s make love one more time’’ I demanded with all my heart.

Early the next day Val took me home and waited to meet my mum. It really was a pensive moment as we waited for her in the living room. It equally was a good opportunity of making her accept Val as part of the family. Seriously I really didn’t know why she disdained him so much. Val was a federal worker, young with good prospects and future, with every opportunity to build his own name and fortune, not like others who rolled with an inherited family name.
‘’Are you okay?’’ I softly asked him with a comforting smile.
‘’Yes I’m fine, I just pray she doesn’t cut off my head’’ he breathed, smiling back while I playfully eyed him.

Mum soon walked into the sitting room with a frown on her face.
‘’Mr. Val, the agent sent to protect my daughter’s life but instead became the thief and stole her heart. Now you equally have taught her how to lie to everyone just to be with you’’ she muttered coldly, drawing out the deepest gasp from me.
‘’dear mum, I’m very much in love with your daughter and I promise to make her happy for the rest of her life. I will work day and night to provide all her needs. She will never lack a single thing.’’ Val suddenly stood up to say, stunning me with his boldness which kind of impressed my mum. I noticed her face change.
‘’And how do you really plan in maintaining her lifestyle?. Can you take her to Dubai for shopping, to Paris for holidays and to London for childbirth huh?’’ she asked him
‘Mum!’’ I screamed
‘’mum all that matters is love. Money can’t buy happiness neither can it buy love. All I have is the love of Clara your daughter and that same love is equally what I’m offering her’’ Val calmly replied
leaving her speechless with his mature response.
‘’Oh please that’s what you all say but at the end you see. . .’’ she tried to argue but I quickly cut her short by grabbing her hand.
‘’mum this is another opportunity to make things right for me. Charles is dead and gone for real so please stop this attitude you are trying to display. You and I know that Val is a good guy. He has a good future and a good heart. I want to be with him and no one else.’’ I pushed on while she breathed deeply and shrugged in resignation.
‘’I hope you will stay for lunch?, the governor will like to talk with you, plus Vivian’s fiancée will equally be coming over. We are all going to have one big lunch’’ she softly said to Val, leaving a huge smile on my face.
‘’Thank you mum’’ I breathed with great happiness.

(Val’s side of the story continues:)

Facing off with Clara’s mum wasn’t as tough as I thought it would be. In fact, Clara easily convinced her to accept me, kind of making everything very easy for me. I had to stay for lunch where I had a very cool chat with the governor who asked lots of prying questions. The old man was so inquisitive that I even feared he was going to ask if I had slept with his daughter. Luckily he never asked such a question.
‘’I’m happy for you guys, yes it reminds me of my youthful days when I had to beat every obstacle to marry Clara’s mother but nevertheless losing Charles cost me a lot. His father was a great political ally and now I have lost him plus many of his influential friends. I don’t think I will win my second re-election bid or any election in this state again’’ the old man muttered with a faint
smile while Clara nervously pinched me. Lunch with the governor was a huge success. I was officially welcomed into the family and yes I felt very great. I equally proposed to Clara that very
evening in the presence of Vivian. My life was back on the right track.

However, just like Jennifer said, I was transferred to Abuja that same week, and yes I accepted the transfer with great happiness because I had feared I was going to be transferred to a remote
northern state. Clara on her own part finally opened her good heart and made Jennifer her friend till this day. Oh I forgot and our wedding which was held three months after, was an event
that left me totally stunned. To my surprise the governor and his wife sponsored the wedding to the last kobo, they even paid for our honeymoon to Paris. The only big thing I spent my money on was the traditional marriage rites. Vivian equally married a day after our white wedding and left for India the next day with her husband.

Five months later Clara got me a very handsome baby boy, the pride of our love, turning me to a very proud father. Yes such a happy ending for everyone apart from Clara’s father who lost his second term election bid to a candidate from a smaller party and till today the old man is still answering lots of corruption charges with the EFCC. Perhaps in 2019 he could be elected once again as the state governor.