About David Isaiah



I have found you
Queen of queens
An angel she is called
An epitome of beauty.

I have found you
This one missing bone of my rib
The one whose beauty calm the waves of the sea
A pathway among peers .

I have found you
The one my heart desire
I have vow to dash you my heart
only if you would come with me

Then I would take you to this island of love
An island preserve only for me and you
And island where the flower of love grows
And real love itself is guaranteed .

I have found you
My pure soul mate
Please come with me
Then I would take you round the universe
I would set you on the highest pinnacle
Where all eyes can behold your beauty

My angel
I have promise that even amidst the fiercest oppositions
I would come out
brave and strong and pronounce you my one and only.