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Vera’s side of the story:

[She woke up on sunday morning and yawned profusely]

“I never knew men could be this wicked. I trusted men but everything happened to my dismay. It was about two years ago that I started confiding in people. I did this to my dismay for my mother would always tell me that it was better to trust an animal than trusting men.By then, I thought it was borne out of illusion. lesson to my eyes now!”.

[She sobs]

“Sometimes I think it was all my fault. On the other way round, I think it’s my parent’s. I was eleven when I was admitted to elementary one; a tour I found worrisome to cope with. Every thing the teacher said was alien to my ears. I only managed to pass over.

At my primary three, a boy met me that he wanted me to be his mistress. Everything about it was somewhat naive to me. My parents never told me they loved me. All I received from them were batters of all guise. I perchance hear of gift from my enamoured ones. I saw it the way I would feel if one tells me Africans can charish fortunes. I concepted it as saying that a youth can become the president of Nigeria.

Only God can understand what I passed through that made me to accept the guy’s proposal. He was caring and loving. He started shopping for me . . . the little his hard-earned money could afford. He bought groundnuts for me which my parents could not afford for me let alone the family I was living with. I was fully elated when he started faring for me.
A curious person could jump to conclusion that I was a spoilt child. Hmmm! That is unheard of when it comes to my condition.

Like I was saying, I started a date at the age of fourteen. I actually had nothing at heart pertaining the relationship except the fact that my guy would always buy for me whenever I did not eat to school as usual. The tune unequatably varied when we got to primary six. That was my sixteen years. I started having great desire for the underpant than any other thing concerning opposite sex. What was left then was to be telling boys that I wanted them to be my friends. I managed to cope without implicating myself.

As if the devil knew what was dominating and beclouding my mind, that was when Taye’s eyes opened for heterosex. His demands were so much that ignoring him was restricting fish from swimming. I maintained my stands until I was overtaken by his id which was akin to necrophilia. I affirmed his request to take me out with church mind”.

[She sobs and mobs her flooded eyelid with moised apron]

“When I got to the agreed venue for the hangout, he was already seated. My heart panted so endergonic that I could not surf. I squatted as a sign that I was not in any condition giving in to galloplessness. He sprout up when I banged in and gave me a peck. I was bashful and modest when I was being kissed. I hugged him in indifference. My question was, ‘what next?’ He played smart when he deciphered my scepticism. ‘I invited you to show you that I do not just love to buy for you but to show you to the world that angels are concrete nowadays’, he said.
Honestly, I was flattered by his adornment. I gaped as a teacher in Nigeria would do if one buys a car for him. I left body and soul together waiting for the next impression.

It was not too long when the pub aide served us two wineglasses. I bashfully poured into it a bottle of table water on the table. He peered into the cup and shrugged. I read his mind and drank off the content. That was when he flooded a red wine into my glass. I drank it in few gulps. He made an advance as soon as I gulped the last sip. I had to adjust to the extreme end of the sofa under his persistence. He grabbed my waist when I tried to escape his grip. I fell back to his lap.
For sure, I never knew it was that fizzling when the nipple is gripped. I felt dew all over my body. This time, the tinkle and kisses were spontaneous. I was still struggling when I felt a bit dizzy from fatigue. I rested on his chest. That was all I could remember, even up till now that I am talking to you.

Methinks men could be desperate but not concepted to be that ludicrous. I found myself in the room I shared with other maids in Iya Kehinde’s compound. I asked what happened to me that left my quims moised the way it were always been every twenyt-eight days. The playback I got was that a group of guys rushed me in when they found me badly wounded. I tried to recollect what happened but it was futile. The next thought that boozed into my heart was how my breasts were steered, nothing else.

When I met Taye, he told me that as we were in the pub, I became unconscious which poised him to rush me home but on the way, there was traffic jam. In his analysis, there was collision which he described as an autocrash from autocade. That left me under the clouds. I bowed not because I was convinced but because I was trying to contravene my mind’s ideology.

Two months later, I lost my flow. I thought it was an infection like health professioners would infer. I crosschecked my laxity after the third month failure. The second thought reflected to me that I was pregnant.

Taye’s side of the story:

This is the story I had long detested to tell but I could not help the situation. For sure, I was known to be studious but it turned to a story on sponsorship saga. I never knew
an african lady could be this generous. Maria had been my deamt girl until on the day I was sick . . . I prayed to be more sick to see more days like the day I met her.

When she met me, she embraced me demanding that I told her what was wrong with me. She backed me to ST. James hospital for treatment.

Men! Girls are powerful. I started a somehow feelings since the day I came in contact with Maria: I hardly woke from sleep without having her atleast three times in dreeams.
In one of the dreams, I found myself giving her a peck. An encounter I found wet substances in my boxers when I woke up. At the first time, I thought I peed but my mat was not moised due to nonpermeance.

After discussions with friends, I realised there was need to utilize the little chance I had. I learnt that if I should allow Maria she would get rid of me when her eyes opened.
Meanwhile, I invited her for a dinner tour. We agreed to meet in a pub under my choice. To be sincere, I knew what I was going to do was bad but I had to do it to sustain our relationship. It was really a game because I was on the fence as it regards her coming.

Two hours later, I saw a lady in Maria’s dress and rushed to hug her only to dicover it was a mirage. The body under the dress hugged me which left me with no option than to lead her to one of the guest rooms. Out of anxiousness, I pulled down her dress. I was so naive that I was aiming anus before she redirected my genital to her quim. I nearly lost my brain in the process.
I was amazed when she asked me my name after the intercourse. That was when I realised there was mistaken identity. I left her in the room to the bar where I was recounting the incidence.

Few minutes later, I saw Maria bang into the pub. I did everything to cover up. I ordered for red wine. What the girl did did not appease my conscience to a bit. She preferred table water to the red wine I spent my last card to order under my dismay. I had to send the liquid into exile pending her switch-over. I flooded the red wine into her wineglass.

My tenseness poised me such that the postannouncement eluded my cognition. It was passed that a chemical was going to be sprayed in the pub; that any body who was allergic to chemicals should vamoose the premises in thirty minutes time. I was part of the victims.

In no long time, I found myself caressing my guest. This time, it was Maria for real. I had no ulterior motive for the caress but just to cover up.
In so doing, I saw one of the attendants spraying round the pub. I rushed out expecting Maria to do the same but she remained stagnant, so to say. I went back to the pub in an hour later only to see my ma’am lying helpless. I rushed her home.

Two months later, Maria met me that she was pregnant. I wondered why she was telling me. I doubted her because from her behaviour, one would swear that she had never been crossed by any man. The rampancy of infection made me suggest it was. My opinion infuriated her so much that she zoomed off in a jiffy.



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