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Fatai’s side of the story continues:

Oops! Sometimes, what we see as problem is preferrable to the real problem. I thought my education was my twinkling problem but I never knew the contrary was the worst. Identifying my real self was the problem I supposed to bother on rather than venturing into the contrary.

I was busy bothering on the old schoolness of my mistaken lover when the real self was up-to-do. Mary is her real name.
My conversation with her revealed that my formerly assumed Mary was my late brother’s suitor. He died on his way back from Edo state where he served. We sealed his whereabouts to avoid heartbreaks from consolers.

Meanwhile, since Taye was late, I had to possess his belongings. . . including his handset. I accepted many calls from his enamoured ones which among was my nicknamed Mary. I knew the real Mary long time ago but she never told me she had any identical sister. We agreed to meet in a joint which was not our first. Unfortunately, I saw her mother who I mistook for Mary and had sexual intrcourse with her. It was my worst mistake.

Vera’s side of the story continues:

Should I call myself a victim? It all happened like a hide and seek game. I accepted my fate but what should I teach my generations yet to emerge? That the one I dated slept with my sister, I and my mother?
I would rather die a victim than procreate my woe.

I wanted to blame my sister for dating my sweetheart but I thought otherwise. She was on the same fence with me but hers were in different guise. She seldom told me that she was once a victim of erroneous love. I could have merged her situation with mine only that she realized when there was still time for rethink. I regret having my so-called loving mother.

Mary’s side of the story:

Though it had once happened to me, I blame my twin sister for her neglegence. She was so careless that she was unable to identify the one she was truly in love with.

When I returned from service, I was amazed by the news that Taye was dating my twin sister. I was somewhat sceptical over the possibility. I was an eyewitness the day Taye was buried. I decided to return home to confirm my suspicion. The said late Taye was a twin brother to my heart-throb, Fatai.

Meanwhile, when I got to our house, I realized that the news I heard was parallel. I saw Fatai in the room I shared with Vera. I rushed to the guy hoping to accept a wormly embrace from him but there was a contrary. He was indifferent in his acceptance of the kiss I gave him. I thought, maybe he was not in the mood for that. Or that he was annoyed I did not tell him I was returning. Many things bumped into my brain for my perusal.

To show I cared for my sister, I explained everything to her. Instead of correcting her mistakes, she resumed threats of all sorts. I expected the worst from her until it came to pass.

Fatai’s side of the story continues:

It all happened after the day I confirmed that I was dating a wrong person. Mary was the right person but since I have had sexual intercourse with the three: Mary, Vera and their mother, I had to quit the relationship.

One day, I was invited by the two girls for reconcilation. I ate the food they gave me.
When I got home, I was asthmatic. I was rushed to the hospital where I was diagnosed food poisoning.
I cancelled all my conviction on the girls; although it was after when I had had my one hand out from stroke.

I wish someone had told me, “no matter how generous your enemy may be, never you trust him for once an enemy is an enemy forever”.

Mary’s side of the story continues:

It was Vera’s idea to poison Fatai in order to make him disabled. The idiot was to callous. How could he court a mother and her two daughters? It served him well. . . but the fool only had partial stroke.
“I am not regretting my deeds. Afterall, Fatai caused more heartbreaks to me” was what vera told me when I pleaded for his pardon. I had to give in since we were sisters . . . twins at such.