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Vera’s side of the story:

Since no one accepted to be responsible for my pregnancy, I buckled up. My parents abandoned me on the complaint that I marred their plans for me. I started hawking one commodity to another. From the proceeds, I invested on my guy’s education.

I tried everything to my ability to make sure he was well taken care of but he ended up as a nigerian. He demanded more than a girl would do if forced to school. He told me he would come back home if I fail to reach his demands. I accepted on the ground that I would get my rewards one day upon the fact that my parents never stopped their nags on my failure to take good care of my child. I did everything because I saw my spendings on him as an investment. To me, if he would be a graduate, I was already the one.

When it was his time to write JAMB, only God knows how I robbed Peter to pay Paul. I paid through my nose to see that he made best grades . . . men are ungrateful!

Five years later, Taye was due for NYSC. I met one Alhaji who I made carnal offer to help me see that he was posted to the zone he would be safe for me.

Fear dominated my heart because since the day I met my chaos at the doom pub, my man stopped being romantically attached to me . . . he barely kissed me despite all my complaints. I tried to let him know that I was not conversant with his disdain for me. I concluded that he was not in the mood to flirt with me. I reasoned if I had become an old school to him but he never showed any sign apart from his repeated and persistent claim that he was busy for his studies.

Taye’s side of the story continues:

My God is really alive. The pregnancy of Mary was seldom a trial to me. I thought my hope for education was a thing of the past. I prayed to my personal Chi, God to make her have miscarriage. I was so happy and lucky that she called me one day after when I wrote my SSCE that she was going to see that I continued my education since her own life was ruined by the devil. I felt very guilty when she told me that but my encouragement was that I was not responsible for her pregnancy, although I was the bone of contention: I invited her.

Yes, I changed my behaviour since the day I realized that I slept with her mother. My tradition says one does not sleep with a mother and marry her daughter. I would have told her but I was afraid she was going to misconcept my position. I had to lie low to let the sleeping dog lie. I really wanted her to help me further my education.

I wonder if a fool could say that I was . . . yes, my real problem was nothing unrelated to her old schoolnes. She’s a second-hand lady who would be better described as a mess. I always imagined how a young boy, a graduate at such would get married to an old chick in the name of love. When true time comes, one has to call a spade a spade. Fake love is blind. Real love is smart. A graduate is ought to make his final decision in the manner he would not regret it. I go to church and must run miles away from anything that can make me regret my choice in the future.

Vera’s side of the story continues:

My mother on the other hand is not a helping matter. She does not console me. I was always his darling but not when Taye was involved. She had once told me that many things had gone wrong which took me many days to realize. I never knew a mother could be so secretive to the extent of ruining the traditional life of her so-called darling daughter.
One morning when my nanny was much elated, she called me her usual pet name for me, “Ve! I am sorry that I have not let you know. Neither had you wanted to know why I usually say that many things had gone wrong. It all happened like a movie . . .” My heart panted furiously because what was in my heart was that she was going to tell me to buckle up for my education. She added, “that guy is not your match. look for a better guy to marry for one cannot eat his cake and have it”.

I felt like banging into mama’s heart to know what she meant that “. . . one cannot eat his cake and have it”. I tried my best to avoid being curious for our teacher told us a story of a curious rat that heard a noise and rushed out of its hole only to be caught by a cat.

After a million ponders, Mama told me that there was mistaken identity; that the guy I loved so much was not who I thought he was. She further told me that the person I loved died two years ago. She buttressed that the particular guy I took to be him was not Taye but Fatai. I did not understand what she was talking about until my elder sister returned from the university.

When my acclaimed boy banged into my apartment, Maria hugged him. The guy kissed her in what I can best describe as indifference. I left the room in confusion. In one of their conversations, I heard that the real name of the guy was not Taye as I percepted.

Fatai’s side of the story:

It was confused seeing two identical sisters. For sure, I was helped through my education years ago but I never imagined I had been dating the contrary.

One sunday morning, I went to my girl’s place only to come across a girl who gave me sign for a kiss. I accepted in an indifference to avoid the girl feeling insulted. She fired me the most disgusting. question, “how is you brother, Taye?” I was aloof that she even knew my late brother. She proceeded, “does he truly love my sister, Vera?” I was like, ‘who are you referring to?’ but was interrupted by the entrance of the girl I perceped to be Mary.



[To be continued]


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