The author used many figures of speech which include following:

There is use of exaggeration or overstatement by the writer. The use was to show the extent and to lay emphasis on the course of action. He puts it:
“he was known all over the village, both the born nd the unborn”. It is an over statement to say that even the “unborn” knows a living creature.

“those were the days opportunities were even found in gutters”. A reasonable being should think the possibility of an opportunity emerging from the gutters. It is an overstatement.

The author gave animate attribute to inanimate. Some of the instances are:
“lost monies grew wings whenever they saw him”. If critically examined, there is no way money could fly.
“fate was really after Eucheria”. ‘Fate’ was given animate quality.

The character of Matthew is a contrast to that of Eucheria. As Eucheria has a forgiving heart, Matthew has an unforgiving heart.
Also, as Matthew has a lurking bad luck, Eucheria has good luck in the stock.

Other figures of speech are:
1. Irony
2. metaphor
3. apostrophe
4. synecdoche
5. simile, etc