There are many themes in the short story. The author used the themes to illustrate his teachings. Some of the themes are:

The author puts it that before one is born, he is already entitled to what he would be in life. It does not matter what his enemies have against him. Matthew tried everything possible to frustrate Eucheria but her destiny still manifested. Her divorce by Matthew served as ample opportunity to excel. She met her destiny when a million myopic thinkers thought hers had come to an end.

Also, Matthew was unable to make it in life because his destiny had it that he must remain wretched for life. He tried everything in no avail to succeed but his destiny had the contrary in the stock.

The story educated on the relevance of generosity and hospitality. The first attempt and the first step of Eucheria to her destiny was occasioned by her hospitable act towards her patient, Dele. He willed everything he had to him.

As they say, pride goes before a fall. Matthew’s life was ruled by pride. no wonder he was unable to forgive his wives even when he knew they were not guilty of his accusations.

Also, pride caused him to delay in his apologies to his wife, Eucheria. He waited until it was too late for that. The author puts it that one is ought to put pride apart and verge for his desire. One in need biases his chances through pride. Humility does not change ones personality. It rather increases his opportunities.

Although the story is tragi-comedical, greater part of it is tragical. From the introduction of the story, Eucheria was faced by catastrophe. She toiled to make ends meat but fate would not let her through.

Also, Matthew served the longest term of tragedy. He fell from frying pan to the burning fire. Everything about him were story-surrounded. From the prison, be became sick, from which he became poorer. And at the end, he lost his life on an autocrash.

This theme was portrayed by the author through the introduction of marriage and other associations. There is love share between Matthew and Eucheria. They loved each other until poverty broke the chain.

Also, there is love encounter between Dele and Eucheria. Eucheria loved him so much that she shared her interior part to save him from dying; although he later died.

Apart from these two occasions of love, there was love share among the workers in ST. Mary’s hospital.