Uchenna is a wretched boy from a never-rich family.
This made people including the girls to avoid him.
He toiled and bought a motorcycle on second hand. He cherished it since it was his first achievement after repeated rejections from girls.

As universally known, success has many relatives.
All lost hope began seasonal submission and encroached to crave for Uche’s indulgence.

Two minutes later from when Uche left the purchasing depot, Nkiru beckoned on him demanding his pleasantries.
She called, “Ushe!” . . . her accent does not allow her to pronounce Uche. “please slow down”. Uche responded, “what for?” she replied, “just slow down!” Uche toed down to reduce the speed of his body mass. He told Nkiru, “just tell me that you love me”. Nkiru said, “yes, I love you. Could you please wait for me”. Uche stopped and conveyed her.

When she got on the bike, Uche said, “if you love me, put on my helmet”.
Nkiru responded, “since I love you, there is no crime”. She collected Uche’s helmet and wore it.

Few minutes later, news was heard that two persons: male and female were involved in ghastly motorcycle accident. It was also gathered that it was as a result of brake failure.

When the two casualties were taken to a hospital, it was only the guy that lost his life while the girl was safe because she put helmet on her head.

Uche knew quite alright that the bike was suffering brake failure that was why he gave the helmet to Nkiru to prevent her from dying.

When Nkiru was resuscitated some minutes later, she asked Uche’s whereabouts.
She was told that his corpse had been deposited to the mortuary.

Before Uchenna died, he kept twenty thousand naira into his pocket.

As soon as Nkiru got the news of Uche’s death, she rushed to his pocket and took the entire money and zoomed off.
She never asked about Uche until he was buried.

1. If you were Uche, what would you had done?

2. How do you see Uche’s action?

3. Is Nkiru justifiable in her action?